Dennis Miller Signals a Surge in Endorsements for Herman Cain

Bookmark and Share  Although comedian, actor and radio talk show host Dennis Miller made no secret tha he was fond of Herman Cain’s presidential  candidacy, he had not endorsed him.  Until now.

Today Miller used his nationally aired radio program to officially endorse Herman Cain for the Republican nomination for President.  Click here to listen to clip. In addition to that, Miller is slated to headline a fundraiser for Cain in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the day, there there were a serious of Twitters from bothCain and Miller that went as follows;

Dennis Miller Show
How proud would I be to have Herman Cain as my President? @THEHermanCain
Herman Cain
I’d like to thank @DennisDMZ for his support. I look forward to working with him as we continue our journey to the White House!
Dennis Miller Show
Here’s an idea for Herman Cain’s next bumper sticker: “Cain Versus Not Able.” Herm’s up next at @THEHermanCain
Herman Cain
Love it! RT @DennisDMZ: Here’s an idea for Herman Cain’s next bumper sticker: “Cain Versus Not Able.”

Whether Miller’s endorsement of Herman Cain is a sign that others will now be confident enough to publicly declare their support for what has been cosidered a longshot campaign , is not fully known yet.  But one certainty is that Cain’s big victory by a wide margin in Saturday’s Florida Republican presidential straw poll, has put Cain on the map and established him as a contender.

Many see Cain’s straw poll victory as a sign of disatissfaction with the political establishment of both major Parties.  From this consultant’s point of view, that is true.  However, the fact that people would use Herman Cain to send this signal says much about Herman Cain himself.  In the recent straw poll, Cain won more votes than the second and third places, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney did.  Such a vote total is based not just on sending a message, many of those votes went his way because many of those people also believe in Herman Cain.  They believe that he can at the very least bring some of the common sense to Washington, D.C. that the political establishment lacks.

What Herman Cain now needs to do is convince establishment voters that he is more than a vessel being used to signal disatisfaction.   He must demonstrate that he is not just the flavor of the day.  Not long ago Mchele Bachmann was the flavor of the day when she won the Iowa straw poll.  That got her as far as a dead last finish in Florida’s straw poll.

In addition to having to detail his policies on everything and be prepared to defend them against the scrutiny that his new success will bring, he could also use the support of an established politician, especially one that is respected and appreciated within the TEA movement.  Such an opportunity might be in the making with South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley who recently indicated that she will be endorsing a person with business experience.  Such a comment could play in to the theme that mitt Romney is attaching to his own candidacy, but it could also be a reference to Herman Cain who has never held elected office but has successfully run several private sector interests and associations.

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3 Responses

  1. Help me understand-would you support Cain over, say Bachmann? Or are we ignoring her because she has lost momentum?

    You’ve been around politics long enough, enough to adore Kemp. Doesn’t something in our gut say, “Sure Cain’s a swell guy, funny radio host but, um, no, not President -the gravitas, the depth, just not there.”

    Kemp he is not and he certainly is not Gingrich.

    OK, Cain instead of Obama but that’s not saying much.

    I’m afraid his lack of knowledge will be an embarrassment in the end.

    He is naive for one thing- this 9-9-9 idea sounds like something someone would make up over the water cooler.

    It makes me think of the call to eliminate the NEA. Talk about all hell breaking loose. (Think Wisconsin on steroids)

    There’s a reason why Gingrich doesn’t say he’ll “eliminate the NEA,” instead his words in the debate were to “downsize” it. That’s because he plans to do what he says he will do and he knows the enormous, nearly impossible task that would be. It would take a President’s entire focus and the most important thing right now is the economy.It is this kind of experience and knowledge that would give him the advantage of running as soon as his boots hit the ground.

    I’m afraid Cain’s learning curve is too great.

    Someone that can serve as a good comparison would be Palin. She has the same kind of rhetoric but the difference is she knows exactly what she would do no matter what unknown develops. Be it domestic or foreign, her underpinnings are so clear her experience tells her the answer will be as well.

    Cain has ideas to solve problems but he gets lost outside of radio magic talk. Maybe that’s why Miller likes him.

  2. As usual, I think you make a compelling case here and I can agree with it. I persoanlly believe that people are supporting Cain at the moment because he is the anti-politician. But when the nvelty of that wears off, people will want experience. Of course many will tell you that they do not want Washington experience, they want businees expereince. But Ross Perot was a businessman and look how far he got.

    I do like Cain. However I believe that he can and will be devoured by the very politcs he opposes. But that’s what campaigns are for. If he can prove himself in the next few months, great. More power to him. But I am not feeling it enough for anyone who is running yet. Not even enough to declare myself for the man I supported back in 2008……Mitt Romney.

    As for Bachmann, I really never saw her candidacy going very far. She was “palinized a long time ago and I knew for a fact that Bachmann would give the media her foot and let the media put it in her mouth for her.

    My problm might go back to what you brought up. There are no Jack Kemp’s running.

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