Trunkline 2012: Monday Mentions from The Republican Presidential Race – 10/10/11

Bookmark and Share   Bachmann calls for Attorney General to resign, Occupy “Whatever” protestors support terrorist suspect, Jon Huntsman unveils his plan to handle the world, Herman Cain surges while Rick Perry plummets, Newt Gingrich stands up for Gary Johnson, and President Obama tries to channel Harry Truman.  These are just some of the tidbits from the campaign trail today.

  •  Michele Bachmann calls upon Attorney General Eric Holder to resign.  She’s the first and probably not the last.
  • Jon Huntsman delivers foreign policy speech in New Hampshire.  Click here to see the speech and to read an overview of his policy initiatives and direction
  • Mitt Romney taps foreign policy, national security advisers
  • Herman Cain now leads Rick Perry nationally and in New Hampshire.  Oh how the mighty fall.
  • Ron Paul: Values Voters’ Favorite Loon? Who really won the Values Voters Summit Straw Poll
  • Obama, channeling Truman, casts Congress as foil
  • Voters bid on the ties off candidates’ necks
  • Mitt Romney is running against John McCain’s ghost
  • In a Twitter Tweet from New Gingrich,  he stands up for longshot presidential candidate Gary Johnson and calls upon The Washington Post and Bloomberg News to let him in Tuesday’s debate
  • Occupy Wall Street gains a Republican presidential supporter.  But given that Republicans don’t know who he is, the libs protesting on Wall Street sure as hell won’t
  • Occupy Boston hosts rally for terror suspect

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