“Rudy Rules Out a Run for President. Says It’s Too Late For Me”

Giuliani at a campaign event in Derry, New Ham...
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Bookmark and Share   In an announcement that was overshadowed by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s endorsement of Mitt Romney for President, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani announced to an audience in Long Island that he will not for President in 2012.  He added;

“if it’s too late for Chris Christie, it’s too late for me”.

For several months now, Giuliani has stated that he was thinking about making a second run.

He briefly ran a dismal race for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008.  However, despite having exceptional favorable numbers and even leading in many polls, Giuliani’s campaign was a flop.  Much of that was due to the fact that he decided to ignore the earliest state contests and try to make Florida his presidentiaql launching pad.  Rudy wound up in the back field when all was said done.

Rudy never really seemed to be very interested in becoming President.  Ever since he raised the possibility of running in 20012, he treated the idea as an afterthought, not a priority.  To maker matter worse, in what could only have been seen as a dislike for Sarah Pa;in’s conservatism, back in January, Rudy indicated that if Palin ran, he would.  Trying to make sure that someone else does not win, does make one a good a choice to be the leader of free world, yet that is exactly why Rudy considered running.  He just doesn;t like Palin’s politics, so he contemplated becoming a candidate so he could do just that.

So I am glad Rudy won’t be running.  Who needs Rudy when we have Jon Huntsman?

And here is some news for Rudy.  None of us sitting on the edge of seats waiting for your decision.

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