Cain May Be on the Rise, But Romney Still Sees Perry as His Greatest Threat

Bookmark and Share    In advance of tonight’s CNN Republican presidential debate in Nevada, the two names that comprise what the media defined two man Republican race for the White House is, have issued new web ads.

For Mitt Romney it is one of his first attack ads.  Up to now, he has essentially been running a general election campaign which has presumed that he is the nominee.  But now, his campaign has produced a web ad designed to undermine what is supposed to be one of Rick Perry’s greatest selling points ……his record on jobs.  In the latest ad, Romney’s campaign points out that there are 1 millions Texans without a job, claims Texas is now suffering from its highest unemployment rate in 20 years, that nearly half the jobs that Perry created over the last 4 years went to illegal immigrants, and that unemployment has doubled in  Texas under Perry’s watch.  The ad starts and ends by comparing Perry to President Obama in the sense that both men are denying the truth about their records.

For his part, Rick Perry released his own web ads, which touts him as America’s “Jobs Governor”.  It begins with a Bloomberg News reporter’s voice stating how great Perry’s record on jobs is.  The rest of the ad uses video of Perry’s recent speech announcing his energy based jobs creation plan.

In comparing the two spots, Romney’s ad is more effective.  But together, both ads demonstrate how the truth cannot be established through statistics and that it is all a matter of choosing the metrics which allow you to make the case you want.

What is most interesting about this new series of ads, is Romney’s desire to focus on Rick Perry and not Herman Cain.

In recent weeks, Perry has plummeted in the polls and Herman Cain has skyrocketed, even to the point of surpassing Mitt Romney’s position in the polls.  Yet the Romney campaign saw fit to still go on the attack against Perry, not Cain.  This would seem to indicate that the Romney camp continues to see Rick Perry as the greatest threat to their winning the Republican presidential nomination.

Romney’s Ad

Perry’s Ad

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