Michele Bachmann: “I’ll Build The Fence!”

Bookmark and Share   In an attempt to somehow gain back some ground in her race fro the Republican presidential nomination ever since she won the Iowa Straw Poll and subsequently fell back to the bottom of the field, Michele Bachmnann has sent out a new fundraising letter which tries to capitalize on the desire to effectively combat the problem of  illegal immigration.

As seen her actual email which is posted below, Bachmann reiterates her call for the construction of a border fence and she also promotes her call for English to be declared the official language of the United States.

Dear Anthony,

The future of our nation is at stake in this election, and we cannot afford President Obama’s dangerous policies for another four years. As president, I will not rest until the safety of our nation is ensured, and that begins by securing our borders.

Do not let the Democrats and mainstream media fool you — illegal immigration is an economic and a jobs issue. Our government is robbing the households of Americans in order to pay the costs for illegal immigrants. Each year illegal immigrants cost our country $113 billion in YOUR tax dollars,which breaks down to a cost of $1,000 per year for every household.

We  certainly cannot count on our own president to turn this around because President Obama has turned a blind eye to the issue of immigration, in fact, even ignoring the fact that his own aunt and uncle are living in the United States illegally!

Sadly, my Republican opponents’ stance on immigration will continue to put our economy and borders at risk. Unlike Rick Perry, I will  end magnet programs that bring illegals to this country, and unlike Romney I do not support amnesty. Immigration policy is not a joke, and we must put an end to this blatant robbery of our government.

That’s why I’m writing you today — I am running for president because America needs strong and clear leadership in the White House. Will you help me in this race by making an emergency contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or any amount up to the $2,500 limit?

This past Saturday, I became the first candidate to sign a pledge that I will build a double-walled fence along our border by a certain date.

Anthony, I discussed in last night’s Republican presidential debate — as President, I will build a fence on our border and I will enforce English as the official language of the United States government.

Illegal immigration is draining our country of money that belongs to tax payers like you. I promise that once I am elected I will not only bring your conservative voice to Washington, but I will enact policies to reign in the frivolous spending and stop the shocking robbery of your hard earned tax dollars.

We do not have time to waste. Now is the time to make the tough choices and make the spending cuts necessary to balance our budget. The time for settling is over. I am running for President of the United States to restore our constitutional conservative values to government and put our nation back on a path towards prosperity.

Anthony, I need to know you stand with me. Please follow this link to make a secure online contribution today.

I am grateful for your continued support, and am glad to have you by my side as we continue on this journey to the White House.

Thank you for your generosity and God bless you and your family.



P.S. I know you agree that Obama’s failed policies are damaging our country. I need your support to show the Democrats we have a strong movement, and will make President Obama a one-term president! Can I count on your contribution of $25, $50, $100 or even $250? Thank you.


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One Response

  1. Michele Bachmann is out of her mind…First, vaccines cause “mental retardation” and she knows it because some random woman she doesn’t even know told her so and now another lie by her.

    Everyone who thinks that you can just go to Home Depot, buy a ready made chain link fence, and throw it at the border…you need some education…This is a great read about WHY Governor Perry has tried to tell people you CAN’T put a fence on the ENTIRE BORDER. Not only can you not do it, but even if you could, the Government Accountability Office says it would take 10-15 years and cost $30 Billion Dollars. This is WHY Governor Perry has said that there should be fencing in “strategic, urban areas” and the military, drones, the Texas Rangers, National Guard, etc. on the other more rough parts of the terrain. This is a great read…http://stacyswimp.net/2011/10/07/wall-of-boots/

    Michele Bachmann is desperate. She could no more build a fence along the entire border of Texas than she could fly to the moon on her broom. And, it just gets ridiculous when you see people like Cain say that he would build an electric fence “to kill the illegals.” What kind of talk is that for the Democrats to use as sound bytes??? Unreal.

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