It’s all Drama Obama – Challenges yes, leadership no!

Bookmark and ShareWell readers, I haven’t done much writing in the last week, largely due to taking some time out to put my thoughts into perspective regarding the current political situation in America. I have to say, as a huge admirer and fan of all things American, even the Miami Heat who beat my beloved Bulls in last season’s play-off’s, I am becoming increasingly concerned.

America in my own view as a foreign national has always been the beacon of hope for freedom, security and democracy during my whole life and long before I came into existence. The current political situation in Washington in not only gridlock, it is down right dreadful and unacceptable on every level.

I’ve watched the innuendo, criticism’s and twisted facts being spewed out over the last week, and it is time for American’s to wake up. I am not talking about the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations; I have no problem with people expressing their beliefs, do it peacefully, make your point and go home politely. The wake up call I am calling for in fact, pleading for, is in the correct democratic way, through the ballot box.

I have had huge admiration for many American President’s regardless of party, there has been many great men who have graced the highest office in the land Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt, FDR & JFK, some of the most talented and brilliant men in history. I’ve no problem with party politics, as it is the model common to most European nations. What I do have issue with is a failure in leadership and then trying to blame, criticise and divide people, party’s and a fantastic nation for the sake of re-election.

I wrote an article on April 5, this year reviewing the performance of President Obama against his pledges. Link here(: ), I was fair and not overly critical. First and foremost, no matter who occupies the Oval Office, you should always want the President of the United States to do well, it is not only in America’s interest that a confident and strong leader occupies the office, it is in the global interest.

I have however come to the very firm belief that President Obama is causing great damage to the American spirit, industry and economy which made it great. Before I move on, I will stress, no-one was a more enthusiastic and overjoyed a person then I, when he got elected I 2008. It was truly historic and his message of “Hope and Change,” was what the world needed after the financial upheaval of 2008.

I’m not ignorant to the woes the president inherited on entering office, a recession and let’s be clear NOT a depression, as the White House tries to frame it, two wars, growing unemployment at home and a housing market on the floor. Yes, the challenges were many however, President Lincoln had to fight a Civil War to restore the Union, President Bush had to deal with 9/11 the biggest attack on America since Pearl Harbor and Hurricane Katrina and Harry Truman had to end a war, fight another and demobilise one of the biggest armies in history, all the while keeping the economy and nation going. My point is this, leading a nation such as America is both an honour and a privilege. The Presidency brings many challenges and when you seek that challenge you accept all that goes with it, above all the covenant to provide leadership. Leadership also means you acquire accountability and responsibility, the fact is President Obama had control of Congress for the first two years of his presidency, he can blame republicans all he wants however, facts are facts. President Obama appears to have a huge problem accepting blame, President Clinton did and moved to the center and in my view economically, was the best economic president in modern times because of it.

President Obama focussed on Obamacare and not jobs in the first two years, Timothy Geithner can defend him all he likes saying he prioritised jobs above all else, the facts are as Norah O’Donnell quite correctly challenged, is President Obama took his eye off the ball. The President promised Obamacare and all the discussions around it would be on CSPAN, well that disappeared and now we even have the San Francisco Chronicle being frozen out of events because, they dare attempt transparency at a fundraising event and the week is rounded off with proposed changes to the Freedom of Information Act, which a Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson introduced.

A president is meant to be the leader of the nation, he or she is meant to issue the rallying call to the nation in hard times and provide the voice of assurance that things will get better. I admire great orator’s however, the rhetoric coming from President Obama recently has been disappointing, factually inaccurate, emotionally divisive and above all, disgusting from a President of the United States.

We had riots here in London during the summer, I’m not saying everything is perfect in the U.K. and that we don’t have our problems however, Our Prime Minister cut off his holiday and returned to our nation’s capital to resolve the issue. English people didn’t want to hear political assessments or excuses for the reasons for the riots, they wanted them stopped and the problem sorted, which is exactly what Prime Minister Cameron set about doing until he achieved the objective.

President Obama claims that Abraham Lincoln is one of his hero’s well, if he truly means that and wants to honour his memory and the Union he died to restore, he should change the language and stop the self-pity tour about the big bad Republicans. Get off the bus tours and campaign fund raiser’s and get back to Washington behind your desk and sort out the nation’s problems. I know from speaking with friends how difficult things are there economically at present. It is the responsibility of both sides to put the people and country first. The American he people, Democratic, Republican and Independent deserve their President back in the White House, doing his job and not playing legislative football or delivering podium speeches trying to score cheap political points. I will say this as an observer looking from afar, President Obama is starting to look silly with his speeches about caring and compassion while on the other hand raising millions for his campaign.

President Obama should seize the mantle of leadership and get both sides around the table and if necessary, allow some reporters into the discussions to cover the talks. There really needs to be compromise on both sides, if America believes it can afford to wait another year before reaching agreement on the debt issue and job creation, you must be mistaken. The problem the Eurozone area makes the “Debt Committee Talks” ever more urgent, failure to come to some reasonable practical way forward on the economy will lead to social disorder and a breakdown in law and order, is the president really advocating this? Does he want rioting in Oakland?

I know when we have worries, we don’t want to hear a leader tell us what a hard job and time they are having, remember, President Obama asked and sought the office, it wasn’t just handed to him. It is President Obama’s duty to perform for all American’s, not just his political base or fundraisers. I say Mr. President respectfully, stop the low level tone of your rhetoric and get off the campaign trail for a while. If you really want to be re-elected, show American’s you are prepared to lead and if necessary, make some sacrifices in their interest. The truth is, you had it very good for your first two years in office, and haven’t even had a full year of a Republican House of Representatives and he is saying he can’t deal wit them. It makes you appear weak Mr. President and incapable of handling the challenges and demands of office. Yes, you’ve done well on foreign affairs issue however, American people want a leader and unifier, not a divider.

Why does it matter to me you say, well I respect the office of the President of the United States and the United States greatly. I also respect decency, civility, appropriate language and statesmanship. The President needs to be a shinning example for all American’s and supporters to be inspired by in difficult times, not just a selective audience.

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