Newt’s The One for Me…… and You, and Economic Growth, and a Stronger America

Newt’s the One for President!

Bookmark and Share It is with great hesitation that I allow my own endorsement of any specific Republican candidate for President to occupy space in White House 2012. As the founder of White House 2012, I do not want to see my words and opinions diminished in the eyes of those who do not agree with my endorsement. But  the whole reason for my initiating White House 2012 was because I am passionate about my politics and in addition to offering news and information, I also wanted to share my opinions. As stated in the description of White House 2012, the site is meant to offer news, analysis, information, and opinions. So I mislead no one when I offer my opinions and present them as such. With that stated, in my opinion, of all the Republican candidates who have actually been courageous and committed enough to seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is the one who I believe is best suited to fulfill the needs of our nation and to set us on a sustaianable, longh term trajectory for growth and prosperity.
Newt Gingrich may not be the best candidate, but he offers the best leadership and is the candidate best prepared to articulate, promote, and enact a conservative agenda that must begin to undo the liberal injustices carried out by what is one of the most radically liberal, and misguided Administrations we have seen in generations.

While many may not view ideology as the most important quality in a President, to be quite frank, it is one of the most important to me. And given the fact that our current President is an ideologue who turned our nation so sharply to the left that we are suffering from political whiplash, I believe that a steadfast conservative leader is required to quickly change the course of our ship of state before we sail straight into the harbor of European Socialism, a place that shelters governing values which are antithetical to those which our nation was founded on. I believe Newt Gingrich is the conservative leader running in this race who can steer us right.

Newt is not only a strong defender of conservatism, he is a true believer in it. His passion for America and the conservative principles that created its Constitution, and established the glow of freedom that beckons the world to our shores, is as strong or stronger than that of any other single political leader out there today. But along with that passion comes something that few others have the ability to do in quite the same way that Newt can. Newt Gingrich has a knack for taking what may seem to be complicated issues and breaking them down in to clear and simple terms that create a better understanding of the problems we face. Furthermore; he has an uncanny ability to articulate conservative solutions in a way that makes arguing against them a difficult task. When Newt is done making a point, any point, you can’t help but say to yourself, “you know, that makes a lot of sense“.

Better than anyone else, Newt has a superior ability to take what some initially  write off as partisan, conservative, politics, and convert it into what amounts to undeniable common sense.

While his conservative credentials quite strong, one of the other most important factors for chosing a candidate is how they intend to translate their ideology in to policies that can be applied to government, and if they can realistically infuse them in to the practical application of government.

A look at Newt’s initiatives demonstrates that he can.

On the issue of the day, the economy and all the subsets included in that issues, such as jobs, trade, taxation, competitiveness in the global markets, government spending, regulations, and more, in addition to having a superb command of those issues, Newt takes the concepts of conservatism and turns them into realistic government courses of action that effectively improve the business environment of our nation, strengthens the American dollar, eliminates the destructive environment of over-regulation and bureaucratic burdens, grows the economy, controls federal spending, and in what prove to be some of the most important aspects of his policies, reforms the system.

Newt does not tinker with our arcane, unfair, and jumbled, loophole ridden tax code, he dismantles it and offers a new one, a flat one that provides one nation with one rate——- a reasonable of 15% rate .

His flat tax also preserves deductions on charitable giving and home ownership, and creates a new personal deduction of $12,000 for every American. This deduction is well above the current poverty level, and ensures that this new system does not unfairly target the poor.

Other reform minded policies of Newt’s road to real economic recovery, include eliminating the capital gains tax to make American entrepreneurs more competitive against those in other countries; reducing the corporate income tax which is currently among the highest in the world, to 12.5%. His reforms also incude 100% expensing of new equipment to spur innovation and American manufacturing, ending the death tax permanently, and beyond tax reform, Newt seeks to also balance our budget with reforms that replace damaging policies and regulatory agencies with new approaches. Such ideas include reforms scrapping the Environmental Protection Agency and its regulations by replacing them with an Environmental Solutions Agency that rewards innovation.

While scrapping the E.P.A. may be a little to much to hope for with a Congress that shares seats with liberals, it signals the leadership direction that is required to flow from the White House, a conservative direction that relies more on the competition of ideas, American ingenuity, and the strength of freedom more than the wasteful bureaucratic behemoth known as the federal government.

Such thinking is applied by Newt to his robust, all of the above, job-creating, energy policy and his approach to what may be the most needed reforms of all, the ones required to solve our budget busting entitlement programs for future generations.

When it comes to the economy, Newt Gingrich is in tune with the free market principles that built this nation. Much like the free market, Newt’s thinking process is an endless competition of ideas that allows him to put the best ones to work for America, but such thinking by Newt does not only apply to the economy.

With Newt, that thought process is also demonstrated in his approach to such things as education. In that area, Gingrich probably has the most innovative, aggressive, and comprehensive program of all the candidates.

His American educational proposals include insuring that parents have the right to choose the school that is best for their child, and are never trapped in a failing school. He seeks to adopt per-pupil school district funding formulas that follow each child to the school their parents wish them to attend and provides parents who home school their children with a tax credit. Newt’s vision for education in America seeks to allow schools to manage their own staff, and exempts them from laws regarding tenure, and the need not unionize, a reform that places power back in to the hands of parents and helps prevent big labor bosses from using children as hostages to their demands. He seeks to allow schools to define their own curriculums in line with state standards and assessments, and he puts an emphasis on the growth opportunity for charter schools. But that’s not all, Newt’s education reform agenda is too detailed to lay out in its entirety in one post covering his broader agenda. However, the details deserve your attention and I suggest that everyone review them.

Those are but only two areas where Newt distinguishes himself from his Republican rivals for the presidential nomination. But they are superb examples of the way that Newt will lead us. They are examples of his innovation and the bottom line for me is that now more than ever, America needs not only a true conservative leader, we need an innovator. Someone who can breathe new light in to a federal government that is failing us. Someone who can again make the Republican Party the Party of ideas and just as it is suppose to be in the free market, once again allow the competition of ideas, new ideas and new approaches, to dominate federal policy creation. Our 21st century nation needs a 21st century government that allows our people to compete, succeed, and thrive. Achieving that requires bold new thinking, thinking that does not tinker with antiquated processes or codes, but that revamps, rewrites, and rejuvenates them in an attempt to allow the federal government to protect and defend a way life that allows it to strengthen the people. Currently, the United States is mired in a mode of thinking which works the other way around. Instead of empowering our people, our people are being used to empower government. Newt Gingrich realizes this and opposes it more than any other person for running for President today.

And it is that understanding and innovation which seeps into all areas of his thinking.

This is especially the case in an area that lies in the domain of federal responsibility more than all others…..foreign policy and our national defense.

Here Newt Gingrich knows that we are in the midst of a long war against a radicalized Islamists belief system that is adhered to by a small but powerful minority of Muslims and that we must accept that truth and confront it wherever it rears its ugly head. He knows that our national foreign policy and defense strategy must think big but smart and develop what he calls a “grand strategy for marginalizing, isolating, and defeating radical Islamists across the world“. And through it all, Newt does not ignore the fact that our nation is what Ronald Reagan called the world’s “abiding alternative to tyranny.” As such, Newt Gingrich understands that American foreign must always be designed to protect and defend ourselves and those who share our values. This is a reality ignored by even some in the G.O.P. who stake out unrealistic isolationist policies that would allow the enemies of freedom to build a strong foundation that will enable them to surround us and eventually overwhelm us. And not just physically, but ideologically as well. Newt understands that the less willing we are as a nation to defend our values abroad, the more likely we are to see our values threatened here at home. America’s foreign policy must begin by understanding who we are as a country. Therefore, America’s foreign policy must be to ensure our own survival and protect those who share our values.

As such, Newt will adopt the same innovative approach that he does in all other initiatives, to our defense and foreign policies and he will do so by incorporating a host of strategic initiatives into the development of sound policies to keep America safe. Under President Gingrich national security will include the implementation of an American energy plan that reduces the world’s dependence on oil from dangerous and unstable countries, secures our border with inventive new methods and the type of resolve that we have been lacking for decades. And most unique to Newt is his wisdom and willingness to include education in his formula for national security. Unlike others, he sees the need to incentivize math and science education in America to ensure the men and women of our Armed Forces always have the most advanced and powerful weapons in the world at their disposal.

With Newt Gingrich the United States can count on having a true America First policy, one that considers our best interests without denying the effect that the rest of the world has on those interests.

On issue after issue, Newt Gingrich is not only conservative he is right. He is also a true and courageous leader. Newt does not follow agendas, he creates the agenda, an American agenda that uses the conservative ideology as a means to unite and improve our nation, not as a partisan political tool to divide our nation.

Be it his willingness to make English officially the first, but not the only language of our nation, or his willingness to reform the most basic institutions of our government, Newt Gingrich is bold and persuasive, and is just what America needs. While he is quite experienced with the political process, he is also far from being what Americans are tired of……establishment politicians. His willingness to reform the system that is often rigged in favor of the political class is antithetical to political orthodoxy and his passion for news ideas makes him anything but a status quo politician.

While I admit that Newt Gingrich is not the candidate currently best positioned to win the nomination, I must also admit that picking the name of the person who does become the Republican presidential nominee, does not get me anything. I am not going to win any bets by endorsing Newt Gingrich. If I was a betting man, I would put my money on Mitt Romney. But being right about who the inevitable nominee will be is nowhere near as important to me as doing what I feel is the right thing to do. That is why I choose to endorse Newt Gingrich.

With the exception of Ron Paul, I can easily support almost all of the nominees currently seeking the Republican presidential nomination. In 2008, I supported and worked for Mitt Romney. But 2012 is a different time and a different election. All those differences lead me to conclude that Newt Gingrich is the best candidate running. That determination can not be arrived at by any poll or prediction. For someone such as myself who takes their politics, civic duties and committment to our nation so seriously, such a determination can only come from a unique confluence of heart and mind which allows the seeming truth and logic behind my beliefs to be so strong that they inspire me emotionally, and stimulate me intellectually.

For all these reasons, I confidently endorse Newt Gingrich. Other Republican candidates may be good and while I have faith even in a candidate like Mitt Romney, whom I believe is far more conservative than some would lead us to think, I do not have the same sense of deep-rooted appreciation and confidence in him as I have in Newt. Newt is the type of conservative who does not just take part in history, he makes history. He is not the type of conservative who just promotes ideas, he comes up with the ideas that others promote and now more than ever, given the critical ideological juncture our nation is now at, and given the severity of the problems that confront us socially, economically, and internationally, I believe that Newt Gingrich has the ability to steer us in the right direction, at the right time. Newt is more than just a leader, this former Speaker of the House is a leader of leaders.

***Editors Note: This endorsement is mine and mine alone. Other contributors have different opinions and White House 2012 is proud to make them available for others to consider. At the same time, sincere opinions can and often do allow the light of impartiality to let the truth be known and as this campaign progresses, White House 2012 will continue to let the truth be known and still share the opinions of its writers with its readers. In a sense I am actually being more honest than most who cover politics. I am at least willing to be truthful about who I favor. Others present their case without ever revealing their biases. I also have faith in the ability for intelligent people to be able discern fact from opinion and in my writing I do not hide either the facts or my opinion.

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  2. Interesting take on Newt. I myself think that his strength is also his greatest weakness when it comes to electability. Newt is a brainiac, period. Most Americans simply cannot fathom his degree of intellect, and that is indeed a sad thing to have to say.

    When it comes to brains, honesty, and just plain likability I’m with you. I think Newt is the best of the bunch. And yes, I do believe that he can clean obama’s clock in a general election.

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