Cain, Gingrich Make Headlines; Paul’s Missed Opportunity

Cain’s Race Card

I have no respect for candidates who play the race card, and so far Cain hasn’t.  In what is an obvious smear against Herman Cain, the candidate has not resorted to what the left finds so natural.  In fact, Cain traced the allegations back to a former campaign staffer who was hired by Rick Perry as Kempite wrote earlier this week.  This hasn’t stopped Cain’s supporters from making the connection.  After Clarence Thomas and the racism that blacks on the right have experienced, the attacks on Herman Cain for doing some undisclosed thing to some anonymous women is just enough to get any conservative’s blood boiling.

This is especially true when you look at how the media has portrayed the whole thing.  Immediately questions were being asked about if there was a double standard on the right because conservatives were not as upset with Cain for having allegedly done something to someone as they were when it came out that Bill Clinton had an affair with an intern (Monica Lewinsky), possibly raped a woman (Juanita Broderick), sexually harassed a woman (Gennifer Flowers), lied about it under oath (like Scooter Libby, who lost his career and faced jail time), and coached witnesses (obstruction of justice).  Of course, Bill Clinton also kept his job as President.

The attack on Herman Cain is already starting to backfire on both the media and the left.  And finally, Uncle Tom is getting the attention it deserves as an often used racist “codeword”.

Gingrich Keeps Rising

There is plenty to be negative about on the GOP field.  But there is also plenty to be positive about and that is the angle Newt has used to kickstart his second wind in this race.  The Hill questions the wisdom of Gingrich’s refusal to go negative on his fellow candidates.  I think he is making the best decision.  While Mitt Romney gets torn down by the Social Conservatives, and Cain and Perry continue to duel, Gingrich has been slowly sneaking back into the top tier through his focus on Obama and better ideas.

In fact, I gained interesting perspective from my vacation in Connecticut.  No matter where I go, red state or blue state, and who I talk to, I get the same response on Gingrich.  He is the smartest man in the room.  He knows what he is talking about.  He has the best ideas.  We would pay money to see him debate Obama and enjoy every minute of it.  But he has baggage.  In fact, Newt entered this race with the most personal baggage.  But now voters are taking a new look at the man who reigned in Bill Clinton and produced balanced budgets and record growth, two things our country desperately needs.  Depending on how Cain’s unnamed issues with unnamed people turns out, Newt could end up being the cleanest of the top tier candidates.  Every debate makes him look better and better.

Paul Could Be A 3rd Party Winner

I love talking politics with friends and family.  Actually, I just plain love talking politics.  It is always interesting to hear different perspectives, often from where you least expect it.  Well, here’s one for you: Ron Paul could win some electoral votes as a third party candidate by running in blue states.  In many blue states, it is not so much a matter of fiscal liberalism winning out over fiscal conservatism.  In some cases it is a matter of social liberalism overriding fiscal conservatism.

The fear of a Paul third party run has been that he would steal votes from the Republican candidate.  But Paul would actually have a hard time winning any red state in a national election.  On the other hand, put Paul with his limited social conservatism and strong fiscal conservatism and anti-war stance into California, New England, New York and other blue states, and he has a message that would resonate.

Part of Paul’s problem though is missed opportunities.  Ron Paul is like a cult classic movie.  Low budget, but adored to the point of insanity by many.  In 2008, there were Revolution signs strewn across the country in conservative and liberal districts alike.  Somehow Paul supporters manage to stack every conservative straw poll that comes out.  Yet Paul has failed over and over to convert that ravenous support into electoral votes.  Now, put Paul in to states like Connecticut, Vermont, and Maine where a Social Conservative will never win but there is a strong libertarian under current, and Ron Paul could have a huge impact in the general election.  For the Libertarian movement, winning even one state could be a huge victory for their future.


6 Responses

  1. Paul don’t win cause he ain’t prostituted by the media like the others….it’s who you know, not what you know.

    • “Paul don’t win” because he is a dangerous little man who wants to ignore the harsh realities of the real world and adopt ignorant, reckless policies that jeopardize the security of our nation. Another reason why “don’t win” is because he is hypocite.

  2. Not sure where you see “hypocracy” in Ron Paul. He is one of the most philosophically consistent politicians the world has seen.

    As for the “harsh realities” of the real world, I suggest that a detailed and nuanced understanding of those realities would make somebody less inclined to spend billions of dollars running around being the world policeman. The “harsh realities” of history show us that Empires do not last because they stretch too far. The “harsh reality” of the middle-east shows us that most intervention will result in unintended consequences, thousands dead, trillions of dollars wasted, and very uncertain benefits.

    Security is an important issue. And that is why people need to learn the difference between “security” and “military adventurism”. Security is enhanced by having good trading relationships with the world, a strong capacity for self-defence, and by not building enemies by constantly interfering in other countries.

    I’m not American, but I love the idea of America. Sadly… those ideas are no longer practiced. Your country was amazingly blessed with the wisdom of your founding fathers and a constitution that limited the scale and scope of government. But modern America seems intent on abandoning its original ideal, and the world will be the poorer for it.

  3. John, we hear that same sentiment regarding Ron Paul a lot. And in fact, while Kempite and I are not Ron Paul fans, that is certainly not an official stance of Whitehouse12. What I would do is encourage you to go back to some of the debates and listen to his answers on things like Medicare Part D. When you cut through the myth and the legend, I think there is less to Ron Paul than his supporters think there is. I actually think Cain is more bold and if you listen to Paul’s answers on non-military questions and non Fed questions, you discover that he knows the realities of Congress. He knows that many things he is promising (getting rid of the department of education) speak to conservative sentiments but would not be a reality under his administration. That gives him the freedom to be ambiguously tame on things like Medicare Part D.

  4. On the other hand, when it comes to “Military Adventurism” this does show how Ron Paul is somewhat naive, at least in public comments. I agree with him about not being the world’s police, but what about the world’s pest exterminator when the previous presidents for the last 30+ years have been throwing rocks at the hornets nest? Ron Paul’s solution seems to be to stand up to the oncoming swarm of hornets and declare that if only we left them alone they would leave us alone. Good luck with that.

  5. […] as the Cain-Gingrich debate received acknowledgment and replay, Newt would rise.  On November 3rd, I said that people were taking a fresh look at Newt Gingrich.  But even better than that, on October 13th, I laid out the path to victory for Newt Gingrich […]

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