Romney Campaign’s CreativityTurns the Next Presidential Debate in to a Fundraiser

  Bookmark and Share  Succesful campaigns for elected office employ the use of many talents and there are many areas in a political campaign that require real talent.  In all cases though, one of the key elements of truly talented and succesful political operatives is creativity.   Creativity can give old, but proven ideas new life with a new spin.  Creativity can create new ideas that are so succesful, by the time the next election cycle rolls around, they are standard operating procedure in all campaigns.  One such example was the Karl Rove inspired Republican 72 Hour program which launched in 2002.  It tapped in to the incredible potential od strategic grassroots campaigning to get-out-the-vote.  It was a seven step program that provided a blueprint that coordinated, person-to-person campaigning, voter registration,  growing the Party, increasing coalition activity, voter identification and voter advocacy, focusing on absentee early voting programs, and advanced coordination of the og the final 72 hours of a campaign.

The program was an incredible success that quickly became the standard for all succesful political campaigns.

But big programs are not the only area where creativity plays a critical role in politics.  A collection of small examples of innovative thinking also make the difference between winning and losing.  And that is one area that Mitt Romney’s experienced, and well coordinated political operation have an upper hand.

It may seem like an insignificant concept but, on Wednesday, Romney’s campaign sent out an email to supporters that was a great example of the power found in simple but creative ideas.

Next Wednesday, November 9th, 2011, CNBC will sponsoring the next debate between the Republican candidates for President.  In connection with that debate, Mitt’s campaign initiated a fundraising effort that entered supporters in to a contest that offered one lucky person the opportunity to win the experience of watching the debate with the Romney’s staff in his Massachusetts campaign headquarters.   To enter the contest all you have to do is make a financial donation to the Romney campaign in the amount of three dollars or more.  That’s three, with any more than two zeros, dollars.  For as little as three dollars, one lucky, person will get flown to and from Boston to experience the next presidential in a way that few others will ever the chance to.

This may not seem like a big deal, but to the little old lady from Pasadena and the high school young Republican running for class president and waiting to hear about their political science scholarship, this is an exciting experience and change of pace.  That’s why it will work.

That is also one of the reasons why Romney is the best funded candidate running for President…….. that is of course after Billion Buck Barry. 

Romney has been quietly been involving small donors in little contests like this for over two years now.  Last year he ran a contest that offered two tickets to a Boston Red Sox games with his son Tagg.  The contest asked participants to donate $50.00 and in 250 words or less, describe what a free and strong America means to you.  The best submission would win the prize.

A young man from “Iowa” just so happened to win that contest.

All of these gimmicks may seem corny or simple, but they are creative, inexpensive to run, and they work.  They keep money flowing in to the campaign and over time, they help make thousands of contributors begin to feel that they really have a vested interest in Mitt Romney’s winning the presidential nomination and the presidency.

As I stated previously, these little things may seem insignificant but they reap big rewards and it all relies on creativity.

To enter the the Romney contest you can click here.

As for the debate that Mitt is getting a figurative and literal double bang for his buck with, that will be held at Oakland University in Michigan and is being sponsored by the Michigan Republican Party and CNBC.   It is being billed as the ‘Your Money, Your Vote” debate and will take place on Wednesday, November 9th at 8:00 pm EST.   While it may not be as widely known as other it was in previous debate, this one is also currently accepting questions from voters in advance of the debate.  To send in your questions visit the link here.

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