New DNC Attack Ad on Romney Demonstrates That You Can’t Have it Both Ways

   Bookmark and Share  In a continuing  demonstration of the fact that Obama Democrats are fearing Mitt Romney the most, the satellite Obama liberal campaign organization referred to as the Democratic National Committee, which is currently run by uber-liberal ass wipe, Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, has begun airing a new Ad entitled “Mitt Romney:  Absolutely Wrong for Women“.  The ad incorporates a Mississippi ballot measure in Tuesday’s election called the Personhood Amendment and Mittt Romney’s current position that claims life begins at conception.

The Personhood Amendment seeks to clarify Mississippi law in regards to defining when life begins.

The new DNC ad, takes clips of Romney confirming that he believes that life begins at conception and that he is opposited to abortion.

But the use of the ad raises significant questions about those who question Mitt Romney and wish to use his change of position on several issues over the last two decades.  While one line of attack that the White House and even Republican opponents hope to use against Romney is an image of flip flopping, a new line of attack seeks to attack Romney also for the same positions he has finally taken.

The problem is which is it that Romney’s opponents want us to believe?

Do they want us to believe that Romney continuously changes his positions and has no core?  Or do they want us to believe that he will remain committed to the positions he takes?  If they want to claim that Romney is a pathological flip-flopper, than why try to run against on the premis that he will  remain opposed to abortion?  If Mitt is a flip-flopper than should we take his committment seriously?

In the end, Democrats are going to have to pick one or the other.  Either Mitt Romney is not worthy of being President because he changes his mind or Mitt Romney is unfit to be President because he is committed to the belief that life begins at conception.  Arguing both undermines both arguments and essentially takes them off the table.

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