Mixed Reaction To How Cain Handled Accusations But His Support Remains Unchanged

Bookmark and Share   A two day poll taken by White House 2012 reveals that there is mixed reaction to the way that Herman Cain the story about unproven sexual harassment accusation against him from over a decade ago.  According to White House 2012 readers, 37% believe Cain and his campaign mishandled his response to the allegations, but an equal amount of people believe that no matter Herman Cain reacted to the Politico story that dug up these past accusations, the media would have not let the story die and would have pursued it relentlessly.  Only 26% of those polled believe Cain handled the revelations effectively.

But opinions of how he handled this mess aside, support for Herman Cain among Republicans remains largely unchanged by the entire ugly episode.

In a report by the Des Moines Register’s talented and reliable chief political writer, Jennifer Jacobs, respondents to a Des Moines Register poll support claim that the latest developments regarding the sexual harassment story did dissuade them from continuing to stand behind Cain.

In previous White House 2012 posts I have been quite critical of what I believe has been the total mishandling of this situation by both Cain and his campaign.  I have even gone on record as predicting that if Cain did not put this story rest and soon, he would be overcome by media accusations. Having known that Politico was pursuing this story for as many as ten days prior to its publication, Herman Cain missed the opportunity to come out ahead of it and control the story.  Instead he allowed the story to take control of his campaign as it became the storyline for for at least a week.   However; while I still maintain that Cain and his people did nothing but blunder their way through the recent revelation of baseless charges, it obviously has not derailed his campaign or slowed it down enough to cost him frontrunner status, at least at the moment.

Cain was lucky though.

Herman is undeniable likely guy.  He warm, wise, and witty.  He is confident but not cocky and most of all, voters do not view him as a politician.  All of this helped Cain get over the media frenzy that inundated his campaign with negative coverage.  But Cain won’t be so lucky next time.  Next time he better have the type of rapid response team that can manage an effective damage control operation.  And there will be a next time.  Cain has just better hope that it does not involve any credible accounts of sexual harassment.

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