What about Newt?

If any campaign staffers at Newt 2012 are listening, this might be an idea looking in to.  Over the last few posts, I have lamented about the constant, typical response I get when I ask what people think about Newt Gingrich.  But what I have also found is that Newt rarely enters the conversation.  More often, when the topic of the 2012 primary comes up the topics are why we don’t trust Romney, why we used to like Cain, and what the heck went wrong with Perry.  Gingrich is having a hard time finding his way into the conversation.

So here is a strategy idea for Newt’s staffers: tell your supporters to ask their friends “What about Newt?”.  You could put this on your Facebook page, include it in your newsletter, and circulate the idea among staffers.  When the 2012 primary comes up as a topic of conversation, or any aspect of it, ask “What about Newt?”.

I’ve discovered that many people say they like Newt or that they like his idea, but only when he actually comes up in conversation.  What Newt needs to do to make his third place polling relevant is dominate the conversations in American kitchens like he has dominated the debates.

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