White House 2012’s November Ranking of the Republican Presidential Candidates

Bookmark and Share    White House 2012 is out with this month’s ranking of the Republican presidential race for president.  The ranking reflects the combined  opinions of White House 2012 contributors and offers a look at where we believe the candidates or perspective candidates will place on Election Day based on current circumstances.

This month, while there is little change from last month, most candidates have moved up slightly, but Texas Governor Rick Perry had the most significant drop in the ranking when since the October list was publicshed.  According to the collective wiosdom of White House 2012 contributors, Perry slid from second to fifth place.   Meanwhile Cain, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul, and Bachmann each move up a notch.  Mitt Romney remians in the number one slot and Gary Johnson has a tight hold on last place.

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