Cain Airs His First Televison Ad in Iowa

Bookmark and Share   Herman Cain is about to appear on the television screens Iowans via his first television ad which will air throughoutr the state on Fox News Channel.

Below is a version of that.  While web version is nearly two minutes, the televuison version will be 60 seconds long.

The ad shows the Des Moines skyline along with scenes of the Iowa Capitol and the Iowa Supreme Court, harvesting corn and a dog running in a field.  In it three farmers talk about overregulation by the EPA and the costs that comes with compliance of all those regulations.

Then the ad utilizes Dean Kleckner, who was president of the Iowa Farm Bureau for 10 years and president of the American Farm Bureau Federation 14 years.  Kleckner, endorsed Cain last weekand has influence with many in the farming community.

While the ad is good, it doesn’t quite reach the point of sale among voters that I believe Cain really needs to seal the deal.  And it certainly is not in any way inspiring.  All in all, it is a decent introductory piece, but if C ain wants to really convince voters to go with him, he has to come up with much more than this.

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