New Perry Ad in Iowa Tries to Re-Establish Perry’s Image

Bookmark and Share Rick Perry’s latest television ad in Iowa, is a strong 30 second spot that helps to a s solid positive image of himself. It establishes Perry is a candidate who shares the values of Iowa conservatives…..hard work, faith, and family.

While the ad is not a game changer, it is also not meant to be. It is designed to merely create a mental opening in the minds of Iowa voters that will make them more receptive for the larger messages that his campaign will roll out in the months ahead.

Another things worth mentioning is the fact that the ad shows a confident, well spoken Perry. That is just the opposite of the awkward Rick Perry that many have seen out on the campaign trail and in the debates. Some candidates are at their best when unscripted. They are best left to extemporaneous responses that combine both their grasp of the issues and passion for the issues.

That is not Rick Perry.

As evident in the commercial below, Rick Perry is much better when scripted and being given direction. unfortunately for him though, not every moment in a campaign can be scripted and until Governor Perry can show that he is as naturally confident that he is in this ad, his polls number will remain low.

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