Newt Fans Offer Their Candidate Some Pre-Debate Encouragement on Facebook

Bookmark and Share  In light of tonight’s Republican presidential debate, I am requesting that all good Republicans show their support for the candidate of their choice.  In my case, while I have made it clear that I can easily support a number of the Republicans, I prefer Newt Gingrich.  So What I have done is change my Facebook profile picture, to the Newt 2012 image seen here.

For those of you who are supporting other candidates in the debate tonight, you can go to this White House 2012 page, select your candidate, copy and save their photo and make it your Facebook profile pic for the day.

And no matter which candidate you support, be sure to go their Facebook page and send them words of encouragement.  Newt’s Facebook page can be found here.  The Facebook pages for all other candidates can be found on their respective White House 2012 pages which can be found by clicking on their image s on the right, or by clicking on their image on the Contenders page.

As for the debate, it is being held at Oakland University in Michigan and is being sponsored by the Michigan Republican Party and CNBC.   It is being billed as the ‘Your Money, Your Vote” debate and will take place on this evening, November 9th at 8:00 pm EST.

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