Have You Ever Wondered Why No One Knows Buddy Roemer is Running for President?

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But now I have good reason to not even care.

Today Buddy Roemer, the former Democrat, turned former Republican Governor of Louisiana, introduced a new web ad in an email to supporters.  The spot is called “America, Listen to Them”  [see the video below this post] and in his campaign’s email explains that Roemer wants us to hear the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

It  goes on to state;

“As you know, Governor Roemer has  been the only candidate on either side to get behind the spirit of Occupy Wall Street. Throughout our history, Americans have stood up against injustice and inequality. Some like to criticize the Occupy Wall Street movement, and although Governor Roemer does not endorse everything they stand for, you cannot criticize their frustration and anger with the status quo and corruption occurring.”

You wanna bet?!

Sorry Buddy, but I can criticize the Occupy Wall Stree t protesters for their frustration.  And I can do so because they are frustrated with all the wrong things.  Instead of being frustrated with the lack of morals in our society which leads to a lack of ethics, these OWS extremists flaunt their own lack of morals and their own willingness to defy civility and the law. 

These Occupy Wall Street protesters are frustrated with businesspeople making more than them, they are frustrated by the unwillingness of many Americans to turn control of their lives over to a federal bureaucracy that is full of far more corruption than any corplorate mogul whose home they march on.

Sorry Buddy, but the OWS protesters just don’t get it and apparently neither do you.

Corruption is something that we all should all be against and in my view, most Americans are.  But most most Americans do not want to arrest the entire free market because of a few rotten free marketeers.   The OWS movement which has seen riots take place from New York to Portland, shut down ports and damaged the economy, and seen participants partake in reprehensible behavior that range from throwing Molotov cocktails at police to raping fellow protesters, is not something which I can claim does not deserve “criticism”. 

In the Roemer email, the campaign writes;  

“Lobbyists and Wall Street executives rule Washington and our political system, and Governor Roemer is the only candidate that will work to end this.”


Since he is a banker, I am sure Governor Roemer has done his fair share of lobbying and I am sure that he participated in his own attempts to grease palms.  But According to Roemer, he is the only one who will make things right.  That sounds odd coming from someone who as both a  financier and a politician, has been a part of the system and I think it is reprehensible for this man to now step forward and embrace the OWS protesters whom wish not to improve the system, but to tear it down.  Just as President Obama promised to transform America, so too would the OWS protesters?  But how would they change it?  Instead of seeking to use justice to deal with inappropriate business practices and undue influence, they want to create  a socialist utopia that has government determine our salaries, our opportunities, our healthcare , and essentially, our fate.  And we all know that the government is not corrupt.  Right?

Sorry Buddy,  but I can’t embrace that message and the fact that you do makes your being of no consequence in the Republican presidential primary, quite appropriate.

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