Perry Twitter Says It All. He’s Glad He Wore His Boots Last Night.

Bookmark and Share   The moment that will go down in political debate history was Rick Perry’s very human moment when he simply could not remember for the life of him, just could not remember what the third agency he wanted to get rid of was.

It was a very understandable happening that we can all relate to you.  Call it a senior moment, a brain fart, or whatever you want, but it happens to all of us.  It is just not everyday that we see someone running for President going through one of those moments.    The question is if you are running for President, how do you handle such a moment.

Some have reported that one of Perry’s big fundraisers said it was over for Perry.  Perry has stated that it will not.  The people will ultimately decide that.  Hopefully he can convince them that it isn’t over for him.  One thing is for sure though.  Perry could least afford a moment like the one he experienced last night.  After his previous poor debate performances, he needed to nail this one.  But he didn’t and he knows it.

Which brings us to Perry’s Twitter feed.

Soon after the debate concluded, Rick Perry began to take the first steps to recovery with the use of humor.

As seen below, he tweeted;

“Really glad I wore my boots 2nite because I stepped in it out there. I did still name 2 agencies to eliminate. Obama has never done that!”

You gotta start somewhere.

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