Solutions 2012: New Newt Super PAC Say’s Gingrich Can Win!

Bookmark and Share   Prior to last night’s debate, a new Newt Gingrich Super PAC, was introduced to Newt supporters via an email from the PAC’s campaign manager, Charlie Smith.

Charlie Smith

The committee is called Solutions 2012, and as seen in the copy of the email below, it’s launch is inititing a campaign that tries to address the perception that despite the fact that many agree that Newt is good for the job, he can’t win.

Super PACs can be invaluable to a candidate.  Although they are entities that are separate from a candidate’s actual campaign, their support often works in uncoordinated  tandem with the campaign by either helping to deliver the same message that candidate’s campaign is trying to get out, or even addressing issues that the candidate’s campaign may not have the resources to address.  What makes Super PAC’s even more valuable is that their are no restrictions on how much donors can give to them.

Below you will find the email sent out by the Solutions 2012 super PAC and the groups introductory web ad.

Time for Newt

“Smartest guy in the room.” “A genius.” “Brilliant.” “Fantastic to listen to.” “I would love to see him debate Obama.””But he can’t win.”If you’re like me, every time Newt Gingrich’s name comes up, this is the kind of thing you hear. Conservatives love him. He’s clearly the smartest guy on the stage and the candidate best suited to take the fight to Obama. So why does he always get ignored?Because the liberal media and the establishment have been telling us all for a year that Newt Gingrich can’t possibly win. Well, I’m here to tell you that all that’s changed. Newt Gingrich is now leading Mitt Romney in Iowa. He can win, and he WILL win if we have your help.

Consider this email your permission slip to do what you’ve wanted to do all along: get behind Newt Gingrich and fight for the smartest, most electable conservative in the race.

Mitt Romney came up with the idea that became the template for Obamacare. Without Mitt Romney, there IS no Obamacare. Rick Perry thinks you’re heartless if you don’t want to give free college tuition to illegal aliens. (He actually SAID that!) And Herman Cain is a nice man, but he can’t win at this point.

That leaves Newt, right where he’s been all along, articulating real solutions that will allow us to take our country back, turn this economy around and make us freer, stronger, and safer as a country.

Just stop with me a second and think about something: Next Fall, there’s going to be a Presidential debate between Obama and the GOP nominee. Who do you want to be in it?

Mitt Romney? The guy who has taken different positions on every single major issue?

Rick Perry, the guy who can’t articulate his positions, and when he does, seems to offend conservatives every time he talks?

Herman Cain?

The answer is clear: Newt Gingrich. He will absolutely wipe the floor with Obama. He won’t be cowed, he knows policy better, and he has the backbone to tell it like it is. He has the guts to say to the American people, “President Obama has failed.”

As the leading pro-Newt SuperPAC, we’re going to go into the states and rally the activists, and build the organization Newt needs to win this nomination and beat Obama in the Fall.

The media and the establishment don’t get to pick our nominee. We do.

Will you join us?

It’s time.


Charlie Smith
Campaign Manager
Time For Newt

What is most notable about Solutions 2012’s ad is that they seem to be willing to do what Newt is not, …….. go negative against his opponents.  That is good and bad.  It allows Newt to stay above the fray and play the role of being the adult in the room by avoiding any of the ugliness that we have seen between candidates like Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.

However; if Solutions 2012 gets too negative, Newt will undoubtedly be put on the spot and asked to denounce the PAC’s tactics and to call upon them to change their tactics.  A standard answer to such calls is, and one that I believe is very Newt-like is;

 “this is an independent group that I have no control over, and frankly I am not going to tell private citizens how to spend their money”

The problem there though is that Charlie Smith, the PAC’s campaign manager is no stranger to Newt.  The two even serve as honorary co-chairs of the G.O.P.  Youth Convention.  Of course such titles do  not mean that the two men know each other, met each other, or ever worked together, but politics is perception and the tie is enough to create the perception that Newt Gingrich has more say in the Super PAC than he is allowed or actually does.

As for Charlie Smith, he is a described as a native Iowa who attended the University of Denver from  where he studied Real Estate and Finance at the Daniel College of Business. Charlie developed a passion for politics at DU, becoming the leader of the campus College Republicans, a two-term state chairman of Colorado, the CRNC’s. “Best State Chairman” in 2005 and a leader in youth and Republican politics.2003-2007. 

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