Advice for Newt: Concentrate on Two Things. Organization and Humility.

Bookmark and Share  White House 2012 deputy editor and author IkeFriday recently tweeted;

 “Ask a friend about Newt, you will always get the same response. He’s the best and brightest, but they aren’t considering him”

That is probably one of the most accurate messages that one will ever find in Twitter’s use of 140 characters or less.  Fortunately, many voters, at least many conservative voters, are coming to realize the message in Friday’s tweet.   The conclusion that Newt is “the best and the brightest” is one that I have allowed myself to reach. 

While I have stated that I can easily support most of the Republican candidates for president…..almost all, I have also made it clear that all things considered, Newt Gingrich is my preferred choice in the existing field of candidates.  I am confident in Newt’s ability to lead and at least set our nation on a proper course.  Furthermore, I am more than confident in his conservative credentials.  Newt  is in many ways a contemporary father of modern conservatism.  He is one of the few  leading conservative figures who has experience in both shaping the ideology and maneuvering the conservative legislative agenda through government.  He is a man of ideas, who is believes that although conservatism represents traditional values and views,  modernity requires that innovative new approaches must always be applied to our traditional values, if we hope to see them carried on and applied to government.

This coupled with his legislative experience, a record of accomplishment, and an anti-establishment streak which enables him to understand that government must live by the same laws its creates, allows me to say they I believe Newt is the right person to lead our nation, at the right time.

Still, my endorsement of Newt is not one which arrived at easily.  Part of my problem with Newt has to deal with some of the very things that make him so uniquely qualified. 

He is unconventional. 

And while that is a good thing in the sense that we can no longer afford what has become the conventional methods of our government, it is not always a good thing when trying to deal within the conventional  political arena that is unavoidable .   It is part of the reason why Newt’s campaign temporarily derailed early on in the process.  His failure to allow himself to be confined to a traditional campaign structure, leads to problems.

But Newt has gotten back on track and seems to have permitted his campaign to enact greater structure to it and adopt a regimented and reliable approach to practical political methods.  

The only thing that still worries me about Newt is his ego.

Don’t get me wrong, Newt has every right to have a larger than normal ego.   And in case you don’t know it yet, all politicians have over-inflated egos.  That is part of the reason why they are so often caught up in scandals.  Their egos typically get so big that they think they are above the law and can get with anything, because they are special.  I do not fear that Newt will step in to scandal.  Most seasoned elderstatesman have learned from the mistakes of  other politicians.  My fear with Newt when it comes to his ego, is that he will again wander off the reservation of a structured campaign environment.  It is when Newt wanders off the reservation that he gets lost. 

Such structure is why Mitt Romney has to one degree or another, consistently held on to frontrunner status.  Whether you want to criticize Romney for being too careful or not bold enough, his campaign has set certain goals, devised a definite strategy, and stuck to it.  Such structure has prevented him saying or doing anything that caused him to take the same nosedive in the polls that many of the other candidates have taken.

Now that Newt seems to finally be on track, I fear that he will get overconfident and defeat himself.

If Newt intends on maintaining the forward motion he currently sees,  one of the most important things he needs is humility.

If Newt can allow the right people to organize the his ground game, and assist in the nuts and bolts of political strategy, he can focus on what Newt does best………explaining the problems, and providing the solutions.  Few can do that better than him and people are beginning to realize that.  However, while many are widely acknowledging that Newt is the “smartest man in room”,  human nature shows that such praise can soon wear thin on people.  After a while, society the way it is, eventually gets tired of  those have all th answers.  They soon begin to go from being positively perceived as the “smartest person in the room”, to being negatively viewed as “a know it all”.  That is where humility will help make or break Newt.   It does not mean Newt has to play stupid, it just means he must be humble.

If his campaign develops an organization that can compete with the professionalism of Romney’s team, and organize the type of effective G.O.T.V. effort that Mitt will undoubtedly have, and then maintains the type of humility which can keep him from being perceived as cocky or arrogant, he may just prove to be the “anyone”  in that  is the  anyone but Romney that the right wing of the Republican Party and the TEA movement are looking for.

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