Is Mitt Romney the Next Bob Dole?

Bookmark and Share   In an interesting interview with Fox Business Freedom Watch anchor, Judge Andrew Napolitano,’s Nick Gillespie discusses the implications of Mitt Romney possibly winning the Republican presidential nomination among limited government and Libertarian voters.

According to Gillespie, if Ron Paul isn’t nominated, we will see one of the largest number of write-in votes for a third Party candidate since Socialist Eugene V. Debs.

Wow… that’s something to shoot for. 

While breaking Eugene Debs’ record may be a goal of some, it is not mine.  I want to defeat the liberal regime that is currently steering our nation directly down the same socialist road that Eugene Debs wanted us to go down.  Now we may not do that with someone who is an anarchist and wants to dismantle all of our government, but we will do so with someone who believes that their are limits to the power of government and its involvement in our lives. 

Furthermore while Mitt Romney is not my first choice in 2012, I am not convinced that he is the liberal that liberal-tarians and many of my fellow conservatives would like us to believe.  According to many of them, Mitt Romney, the Mormon business man and former Governor,  is a 60’s Dead Head, hippie, riding around in the back of a ganja smoke filled, rainbow painted, VW van, wearing striped bell bottoms, platform shoes, and a headband.  Sorry, but that’s not Mitt. 

And despite all the liberal-tarian rhetoric about the uselessness of American influence in the world and the military responsibilities that comes with security, I am  would rather see our nation safe than sorry.   And I hazard to guess that most Americans agree.  Which is why even though liberal-tarians like Nick Gillespie want to go the way of Eugene Debs, I am quite optimistic that most Americans won’t follow their lead. 

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