Liberals Have Apparently Determined that Mitt Romney is Not a Flip Flopper After All

Priorities USA Argues That Romney Is A Committed Conservative

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  Priorities USA, a pro-Obama political outfit led by a former White House press guru Bill Burton, has finally answered

Democrats have to decide.

a question that White House 2012 asked Democrats over a week ago.  Is Romney a flip-flopper or a committed conservative that liberals should be scared of? 

The WH12 post used this DNC ad to make the point that the “New DNC Attack Ad on Romney Demonstrates That You Can’t Have it Both Ways“.  In the post I argue that Democrats and Romney’s Republican opponents contend, accurately or not, that Romney is a pathological flip-flopper.  Yet at the same time, Democrats also try to claim that Romney’s anti-abortion stance is something which people should believe he will not flip or flop on and therefore need to fear his desire to see pro-abortion policies abandoned.

Now in this latest Memo coming out of the liberal PAC Priorities USA, co-founder Dan Burton claims that Romney has always been pro-life.  The memo states;

 “If Romney wins the presidency, he won’t have to ‘fake it’ ever again. He will be free to push a radical anti-choice agenda that bans abortion, appoint Supreme Court justices who will overturn Roe vs. Wade, and fulfill his promise to support legislation that defunds Planned Parenthood” .

In a new web ad put out by Priorities USA,  the group totally refutes the key element that the left was once hoping to use against Romney in the 2012 election if he is the nominee, as they suspect.  According to this ad, Romney is a man of conviction, committed to his beliefs and  liberals should fear that he will go through with his stated positions.  That is a far cry from their argument that Romney has “no core” and is a flip-flopper. 

Dan Burton’s “memo” simply reaffirms the recent ad’s position that Romney is a committed conservative.  I dare say that if the ad was placed before a test group of conservatives, it would encourage them to vote Mitt based on;

  1.   They are obviously scared of Romney, and
  2.   It makes Mitt look more like a strong willed leader than a flip-flopper and that the left despises him for that.

In some ways, this new Priorities USA web ad can help Mitt excite the conservative base that he so desperately needs the support of to win the Republican presidential nomination.

In the meantime, Democrats still have to determine which argument they want to use against Romney if he is their Republican opponent in the general election.  Is Mitt a flip-flopper or committed conservative?  Considering that twice as many Americans describe themselves as conservative than they do as liberals, I think the flip-flopping argument is their best approach.  But who am I to say?  I don’t think like an bass-ackwards liberal.

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