How The Media Just Might Make Herman Cain President

Bookmark and Share   At a campaign event in Kalamazoo, Michigan on Friday, someone from the audience joked to Herman Cain that Anita Hill was trying to call him [see the video below this post].  Those around the two me broke out in laughter.  So did Cain.  In response to the sarcastic reference to Anita Hill’s false claims of sexual harassment against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas decades ago, Herman Cain lightheartedly joked back “Is she gonna endorse me?”

The exchange was actually very innocent and not initiated by Cain.  However the liberal media immediately began to pounce on the episode and turned it in a negative news story that liberals are eating up and trying to make some kind of point with.

Over at the NPR, National Propaganda Radio,  liberal poison pens were running out of ink with comments like this ;

m moore (1900)

m moore (1900) wrote:

Oh my!  Her’Cain surrounded by all white christian people and all laughing at a victim of sexual harassment?
I wonder how much the Koch bros pays Her’Cain for being a minstrel show entertainer.


Bruce Foster (bwf27)Bruce Foster (bwf27)wrote:

What Herman Cain has clearly reminded us is that you don’t have to be “white” to be a bigot.



C Morris (CMorris)

C Morris (CMorris) wrote:

TeaPublican slate = clueless malevolent clowns


For all the Cainiacs attacking Frank James I ask: is there something in this post that isn’t factual? If so, call it out. Otherwise you are attacking a reporter for the “crime” of reporting the facts and if you can’t handle the facts then the problem lies with you, not Mr. James.

World Dweller (worlddweller)

World Dweller (worlddweller) wrote:

Wow, my confidence in Mr Cain’s diplomatic ability only increases with every word that comes out of his mouth. (sarcasm)It seems like every day now he says something that is insulting. At the debates the other night, it was an unfounded ‘Princess Pelosi’. Today it’s lack of sensitivity and laughing about the serious charges against him(or is that every day now?).Despite the insults etc., I would like hime to be the Republican nominee, simply for the entertainment value it would bring to the debates against Obama! 

What do you expect from the brainwashed mocha skim milk,  latte,  vanilla foaming, burnt bean, Stabuck, espresso swillers, who drop $7.00 for a cup of coffee and sip it while they map out their Occupy Wall Street agendas against capitalism?   These are the same people who were hanging George Bush in effigy for the ongoing war in Afghanistan but are today, throwing Molotov cocktails at Oakland police. 

That’s the type of stuff I expect from the hypocritical based left.  But it is not what I expected from Newt Gingrich who in a radio interview with one of my favorite conservative talking heads Laura Ingraham.  When asked about the joke, Newt stated

“He may well be innocent, and I think it’s perfectly reasonable for him to defend himself and for him to make clear who his accusers are, but these are not things, I think, that you joke about.”

That is probably a good point, but one that is particularly good for Newt, a man with his own different set of luggage to carry.  But in the case of Herman Cain, its a different story, and that plot is beginning to unfold in the following way.  Unlike Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain is not a politician.  It is a difference people like.  And part of that attraction is a refreshing bluntness that Cain has.  People find it refreshing to hear honest opinion and not political rhetoric. 

In a Fox News interview about the issue on Friday, Cain explained how a supporter joked that Hill was trying to contact him and went on to say:

“And my response was ‘Is she going to endorse me?”

He added, “I thought it was damn funny and it was”.

“He said it in a humorous way. I gave back a humorous response. It was in no way intended to be an insult toward Anita Hill or anybody else,” Cain said.

That type of honesty is welcomed by many voters.  They appreciate hearing a political figure speak and react in ways that are human, not plastic and Herman Cain is anything but plastic. 

As such, the media’s attempt to make hay out of the episode simply gave Cain another opportunity to prove to voters that he is real, and is one of them……… a person who realizes that government is broke and knows that it will not be fixed by the status quo, establishment in politics.   So in the end, the attempt by the left and its media entities did one thing and one thing only by jumping on Cain for his innocent quip……..they simply gave voters another reason to rally around Herman Cain.  They gave him the opportunity to demonstrate that he is real, not fake.  That he is in tune with them, not Occupy Wall Street. 

Eventually the media and Herman Cain’s opponents are going to realize that people do not hold Cain to the same political standard that they hold Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney to. Whether that is right or wrong, is not in question.  It is just simply is that way and as such, not only can he get a way with things that other politicians can’t, he can use them to his advantage. 

So the moral of this story is, unless the media has a silver bullet to use against Cain, they should keep their fingers off the trigger.  Eventually they will realize that the more they thow at Cain, the larger the rally around Cain gets.

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