White House 2012 Poll Shows Romney and Cain to be the Most Polarizing Candidates

Bookmark and Share  White House 2012 asked readers to tell us which Republican presidential candidate they can least support.   Although the results are far from scientific and conclusive, they do give us an indication of the level of intensity which this blogs demographic, the more conservative element of the GOP,  have when it comes to their distrust and dislike of the various candidates.

And the results are interesting.  Excluding those who are considered bottom tier candidates, the ones who seemingly are of no consequence in the race at this point in time, this poll shows that there are as many people disliking the top tier candidates, as there are who like them. 

Where Mitt Romney and Herman Cain are currently seen as the frontrunners in many polls, this survey regarding the candidate that people can least support, also has Romney and Cain at the top.  This would verify that while Romney is a polarizing figure among conservatives, and that Herman Cain is becoming one. 

Apparently, while the Republican establishment and moderate Republicans are willing to support Romney, almost as many conservatives are not willing to support him.  If Romney does become the Republican nominee, this all means that he is going to have to convince the far right and those in the TEA movement, that he is a committed conservative and that he is not a status quo politician.  As I have I indicated in the past, Romney could have demonstrated some outside of the box, reform minded, anti-establishment thinking, had he been willing to be bold and propos a flat tax.  Instead he proposed a 59 point plan, that tinkers with the broken system.  Meanwhile people don’t even want the broken system fixed.  They want it totally dismantled and have a new, simpler, fairer tax code created in its place. 

If Mitt becomes the nominee, he will have his work cut out for him.  But he can do it. 

A well run campaign can do wonders.  The right approach can turn  a guy you don’t like one minute, into a hero, the next.  And the truth is, Romney has an incredible wealth of success to build a great campaign on. 

In the case of  Herman Cain, I believe his second place showing in the poll of who readers can least support, is due in large part to his initial mishandling of the sexual harassment accusations that he was broadsided with two weeks ago.  The incident may not be enough to derail the Cain train, but it has been a set back that seems to have increased the number of people who do not look upon him kindly.

The person who perhaps did the best in this poll, was Newt Gingrich.

He has always been a polarizing figure, and he will continue to be one to a certain extent.  However while his poll numbers have been going up, his negatives seem to be going down.   As far as this poll goes he came in 6th with a mere 6.08% of readers considering him the last Republican they could support for President.  That means that Newt could actually be less a polarizing figure for the G.O.P. than Mitt Romney.  It shows that it might be easier to get the Party to unite behind Gingrich, than it will for them to get behind Mitt.

As for the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th finishers, they are candidates which most readers did not even consider, because for all intent and purpose Santorum, Huntsman, Fred Karger, Gary Johnson, and most especially Buddy “Occupy Wall Street” Roemer, are not much of factor in the race.  Out of all those men, Rick Santorum has a shot of breaking out of this bottom tier.  But it will not happen until and unless he raises money.  Without it, Santorum is not going anywhere anytime soon.

With the results of last week’s poll out, and analyzed, White House 2012 offers a new poll.

This week we ask “What are the chances of there being a significant third Party candidate in the 2012 presidential election?

What do you think are the chances of another Theodore Roosevelt Bullmoose-like candidate entering the fray?  Or how about another Eugene Debs-like socialist?  Do you think another Perot or John Anderson could show up on the ballot? 

Let us know what you think,.  Click here to vote now.

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