Team Bachmann Takes on the Boys and Asks Who the “Consistent Conservative” Is

Bookmark and Share  In a field of candidates dominated by men, Michele Bachmann uses a web ad to try to force them to fight her on the field of conservatism (see the ad below this post) .

Her ad uses clips that hint at and in some cases even prove the liberal positions that her male counterparts have either taken in the past or try to deny that they presently maintain.  There are clips of Romney declaring how he will always defend a womans right to choose and Herman Cain contradicting his own anti-abortion positions. Other clips contain the antithetically conservative positions of Ron Paul regarding national defense and Rick Perry’s plight to defend in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.  One clip even has Newt Gingrich  seated on a park bench with liberal icon Nancy Pelosi as the two declare “together we can do this”. 

The ad wander offs the point by including clips of people like Cain, and making asses of themselves with blunders such as Cain’s being unaware of China’s nuclear capability and Perry forgetting what federal department he would do away with.  Those two clips have to do with competence, but they highlight another aspect  about consistency that Bachamnn  tries to bring out in her ad which is entitled “No Surprises”

Bachmann is trying to argue that with a candidate who is consistent in their conservatism, there are no surprises.  This is based on the premiss that if one is uniformly conservative, their will be no surprising revelations about unchasterich conduct or astonishing issue positions.

 Whether or not the commercial spot proves that Michele Bachmann is the most consistent conservative in the race is debatable, but she certainly demonstrates that the others have at times wandered off the hardline right reservation.   And if truth be told, Michele Bachmann is indeed the candidate running for President who has in fact been the most consistently conservative one. 

And in truth, there is no denying that Bachmann is indeed the one candidate running who has the most truly conservative record in the race.  According to Heritage Action, Bachmann is the highest ranking 2012 GOP presidential contender with a score of 91 percent and she has maintained a near perfect record with the American Conservative Union ever since she came to congress 4 years ago.

Of course since coming to Congress, Bachmann has not been any of the type of leadership positions that have made it more necessary to compromise her position, but neither have people like Ron Paul, and he has a rating g that is far lower than Bachmann.

The problem is, will that be enough to bring Bachmann back in to the upper echelon of the Republican presidential field?  At the moment it doesn’t look that way, but if Bachmann can somehow target her message to enough of the conservative base in the early states and then organize an effective and comprehensive G.O.T.V. effort, she could stay alive in the race longer than currently expected.   Republicans are not exactly looking for anything but a consistent conservative.  They’re not searching for a compassionate conservative, or a cautious conservative.  They are not looking for a cordial or complex conservative either.  All the Republican base wants is consistently constitutional conservative. 

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