Herman Cain’s Empty Suit Snubs Editorial Board of Influential New Hampshire Newspaper

Bookmark and Share   Herman Cain has issues.  Not the issues that we want to hear about but the kind of issues that will prevent him from becoming President.   And these issues go beyond unnamed and unreliable sources that accuse him of sexual harassment alleged to have happened more than a decade ago.

This issue we’re talking about involve Herman Cain’s lack of command of the issues. 

A few days ago, Mr. Cain was interviewed by the Journal-Sentinel editorial board. It proved to be disastrous for him. One of the worst segments of the interview involved a question on Libya where Cain struggled to answer the question for more than five minutes and in the end, never really did answer the question [see the complete editorial board interview below this post] .

Now, faced with a similar editorial board meeting with the very influential New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper, Herman Cain simply avoided it and failed to show up.

Soon after missing the opportunity to be considered for an endorsement by the paper, Cain’s campaign explained his reason for not showing up to be due to editorial board’s unwillingness to limit the interview to twenty minutes. Prior to that request, the Union Leader did agree to Cain’s request to not allow the interview to be video taped.  After seeing the video tape of his Journal-Sentinel interview, it is easy to understand why. But the Union Leader editorial board did not agree to Cain’s request for a 20 minute interview. They explained that 20 minutes would not be a sufficient amount of time to to conduct the interview in.  So Cain just rudely blew it off.

The two episodes combined with such voids in Cain’s knowledge of the issues as his not knowing that China already has nuclear capabilities and is using them, lead me to conclude that when it comes to politics, Herman Cain is an empty suit.  This is not a conclusion that I reach lightly.

To a degree, when Herman Cain was first introduced to us in the early debates, I found his answers to certain foreign policy questions to be refreshingly honest and truthful.  For example; when asked about what he would do on the issues of troops in Afghanistan, Cain said that he would not be able to say exactly what he would do in Afghanistan until he was President and he had all the facts.  Many found this answer unsettling.  I did not.  Herman Cain was right.  When one becomes President, they are privy to a whole set of facts that are quite different from those that we, the general public have.  We have a redacted set of facts which do not allow the enemy to get a step ahead of us.  This is something President Obama learned in January of 2009 when he found out that he had to follow the Bush timeline in Iraq and why he could not shut down Guantanamo, or simply end the war in Afghanistan.

All of these are were goals candidate Obama promised to accomplish immediately upon taking office,  but they are all things that President Obama immediately reversed course on when he did actually take office.


Because all the facts change the opinions of one when they are based on some of the facts.

So I took Herman Cain’s answers to some foreign affairs questions as  an honest answer from a sincere man who was trying to be truthful. 

I did still thinkt that Cain could have handled these situations better by explaining how he can’t be sure of his answer because only the President of the United States has all the facts available to him.  He could have further explained what I articulated and said “President Obama learned that”, and then cited the examples of Iran and Guantanamo Bay.  Then I believe Herman Cain should have said “however, based upon what we all know now, this is what I would do“, and conclude by again reiterating, “but this could change if I find a different set of facts when elected President.”

That is how I saw things. 

Until now.

Now I have come to learn that Herman Cain’s initial answers, or lack of answers on matters of foreign affairs, were not based on a sincere understanding of the different set of facts available to us and to Presidents.  They were based on the fact that Herman Cain really knows nothing about foreign policy.

He even said as much to a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reporter while on his campaign bus on Monday, when he told them “I’m not supposed to know anything about foreign policy. Just thought I’d throw that out,”. 

Where Cain gets that idea from boggles us.  I can not fathom why a man running for leader of the free world is “not supposed to know anything about foreign policy”.  Especially since foreign policy, particularly foreign policy matters that involve national security, are one of the few things that our Constitution clearly states are the responsibility of the federal government.

Combine all this with the two new editorial board incidents and what we have here is a big problem with the candidacy of Herman Cain.

Cain’s decision to snub the editorial board entirely, does more than cost him the chance to be endorsed by an important institution within the New Hampshire primary process, it demonstrates that Herman Cain’s candidacy is little more than a shallow collection of talking points and rhetorical prose. 

Such shallow foundations work well in crowded debates that limit answers to thirty second bites.  Under those conditions, Herman Cain is a political star.  But when pressed to follow up on his talking points, Cain has few words to respond with and we have now come to learn that that is because he has few details.

Cain’s candidacy is nothing more than a soundbite machine.  His inability and unwillingness to explain his positions in detail proves that.  And his decision to just leave the editorial board of a newspaper that traditionally makes or breaks candidate in the first in nation primary will be fatal. 

This is quite unfortunate because Cain seemed liked a genuine breath of fresh air in politics, but as it turns out, in the heavy winds of politics, he is just a an empty suit blowing in a brief breeze.

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