“Lazy” by Perry Productions, the Campaign that Writes Good Scripts but Needs Better Performers

Bookmark and Share  Rick Perry has come out with his latest campaign ad, one of many new 30 seconds spots that are most likely being used to fill up the ad time he purchased on Iowa television and cable, not to mention on Fox News via cable throughout the nation. 

The new spot is entitled “Lazy” and it uses President Obama’s claim that American’s have become lazy, to argue that the real problem with America is not some perceived  laziness of  Americans, but rather the need to clean house of people like President Obama [see the ad below this post] .   The commercial than refers to several populist points from Perry’s recent multifaceted, reform proposal that seeks to change the way government does business by reforming both the government  process and the federal institutions overseeing those processes.

What strikes me most about this and all the others ads put out by Perry, is just how perfect he is in them. 

In them we see a man who we can relate to, and easily see the ability to warm up to.  In them we see a Rick Perry who is charming, strong, and seemingly confident and competent.  It is almost like we’re watching the Marlboro man perform before us.  

It demonstrates just how perfect a candidate Perry is when scripted and why there was so much enthusiasm for him before he actually took his show on the road and performed before a live audience.  Perhaps that is why Rick Perry’s campaign is putting out so many new 30 second spots this early.  You can note that the heightened proliferation of Perry television ads dates back to the day after he suffered a very severe and very public brain freeze siezure during one of the previous debates.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Perry needed to repair his image somehow, and evidently he was convinced that a closed set would serve him far better than another performance before a live, national, studio audience.

All of Perry’s new ad ‘s are actually quite good.  In addition to a candidate who can speak well,  the things his handlers have him saying are actually populist positions of common sense approaches to our problems.

Unfortunately though, the new reputation that Perry established for himself through a number of verbal songs and dances that ended up with his foot in his mouth, now proceeds him and these new ads.  So the question now is, can Rick Perry use these ads to rehabilitate his reputation, and at the same time, buy him the  time he needs to get his act together? 

That has yet to be seen but with the luxury of a well stocked campaign treasury, it is possible for Perry to comeback.    However any comeback for Perry must occur very early, like in Iowa.

A torrent of money initially flowed in to Perry’s campaign, but after he seemed to implode before our eyes, the torrent turned in to a relative trickle as donors and donations dried up for Perry.  And unless Perry can take his early gotten wealth and use it to buy him time and a new image before the Iowa Caucuses, the money flow will continue to dry up for him.  

Meanwhile the ads keep coming and for Rick Perry and his campaign, hopes springs eternal.  Unfortunately for though, the Iowa caucuses are held in the Winter.  If they were held in the Spring, he would have a better shot at coming back.

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