Coulter Conservatives Need To Take a Backseat and Leave the Driving to Real Conservatives

Bookmark and Share   With the recent surge of Newt Gingrich comes all the darts and arrows which each candidate who previously soared to the front of the pack saw thrown at them.   Now that Newt is leading in the polls, whether is a lot of hoopla centered around media manufactured scandals regarding his marriages, his support of a liberal Republican candidate for Congress in 2009, ties to Nancy Pelosi, several examples of foot in mouth disease and now money paid to him for totally legitimate services rendered to Freddie MAC.

Ann Coulter has been the most recent dart thrower to turn Newt into a target after throwing him under the proverbial bus by exaggerating his past and then endorsing Mitt Romney. 

To be clear, I am not suggesting that Gingrich should not have to face the type of intense scrutiny that all others are deservedly exposed to, but I do not believe that the ability for others to manufacture Gingrich based scandals, should be enough reason to dismiss Newt Gingrich as a viable candidate

While Newt may be a flawed candidate, so are each of the others Republicans running, but none of them are as flawed as Barack Obama.  Especially if conservatives, moderates, and Independents are forced to confront the issues that really matter to them, like jobs, our national security, our crippling debt, and the seeming inability for the federal government to deal with them effectively.   I do assume that people understand that faced with the choice of Barack Obama or Newt Gingrich, voters have a clear choice between a road that continues in the direction of transforming American in to a socialist stranglehold or a road that goes in the opposite direction, a direction towards a more freedom-based society.  On that point, I really need Coulter Conservatives to demonstrate to me how Newt Gingrich is not fit to lead us and that for me, is the only point that matters.     

But if  it’s hyped up accusations that one wants to base this election on, I guess we lose. 

Or do we?

If  the Obama team wants to wage a presidential campaign against Newt based upon the venom that Ms. Coulter suggest, President Obama better be willing to face his own fire, on everything from his drug induced, extramarital homosexual affairs, to Solyndra and even his participation in the assassination of  American border security agents via Fast & Furious.

Then again, it might not be fair for America to elect a president based upon who has the least scandals or which one has the most salacious skeletons in their closet.

But speaking of skeletons, Ms. Coulter’s schtick is really becoming tired and unwelcome among conscientious conservatives.

Ms. Coulter is one of those talking heads who builds their careers around what others do, while she does little more than follow leaders without ever leading.  And her role as a critic is a much easier role than the ones those she criticizes play.

Ann Coulter’s mouth is a farcical factory of one liners, and smart remarks that often lack any smarts.  And while she does little more than preach to the choir of Coulter Conservatives, her work does not really advance the conservative cause.  Have you encountered anyone who has ever said, “after reading Ann Coulter’s recent book, I am convinced that conservatism is the superior political path to the strength of our nation?”  Have you ever heard anyone say “after reading Coulter’s latest column, I have decided to become a Republican?”

The answer is no.  In fact, Coulter’s work has had the opposite effect on the conservative movement.

As is the case with most political entertainers, they need to stir controversy in order for their stock to rise.  It is how Ann Coulter sells her books and makes her living.  That being the case, Coulter intentionally throws out verbal bombs that generate explosive attention to her, but often makes it more difficult for conservatives to fight against the negative stereotypes about them that the left invents.

In other words, Ann Coulter makes it more difficult for conservatives to advance their cause.

How were conservatives helped when Coulter stated that Jews needed to be perfected?  How was the conservative movement helped when Ann  Coulter hatefully interjected the dead son of John and Elizabeth Edwards into the political debate? Did conservatives benefit from her calling John  Edwards a “faggot”?   If ruining the Edwards’ was her mission in life, I have to tell you that her life has been meaningless because John Edwards did not need her help.  He ruined himself, thank you.

Now, once again Coulter uses her poison pen to try to help conservatives where they don’t need her help.  In one of her recent columns, Coulter endorsed Mitt Romney by helping liberals load the guns that they would like to aim at Newt Gingrich.

While I am one of those who does not believe that Mitt Romney is the liberal that many fellow conservatives try to claim he is and can easily support him if he is the nominee, he is not my  first choice in 2012. He was in 2008, though.   However; I do  not see the need to tearRomney down in order for my preferred choice to be built up, and if Ann Coulter wishes to really help conservatives, should would not try shoot them in the foot.  Democrats do notneed our help to assault character and country.  Liberals do not need our help to fuel their verbal flamethrowers.  The left is perfectly capable of running a scorched earth campaign without Ann Coulter leading the way for them.

This is a message which Newt Gingrich himself brought to the Republican presidential debate when instead of challenging the legitimacy of his opponents conservative bona fides, he instead challenged the liberal media elites for their attempts to conquer conservatives by dividing them.  Ann Coulter has now joined the liberal media elite in that cause.  Which leads me to believe that if Mrs. Coulter really wants to help the conservative cause, she might want to start taking Newt Gingrich’s advice rather than trying to offer others her own negative advice.

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