Good News is No News

If the Pope lived in New Hampshire and endorsed Mitt Romney, would it change your vote?

That is why I am not overly impressed when a New Hampshire Senator endorses Mitt Romney.  Yes, Ayotte gives Romney some conservative credentials, but it was still a New Hampshire endorsement.  It would be news if she endorsed someone we didn’t already know was going to win New Hampshire.  Same with the Chris Christie endorsement from New Jersey.  This is all good news for Mitt, but it doesn’t change the playing field.

News would be if Mitt Romney lost a key endorsement in New Hampshire.   Or if say Ron Paul won the endorsement of the AFA.

Other potential good news that won’t change anything: an Iowa win.  That state is so up in the air that the only result that would influence the other states would be if Rick Perry, Rick Santorum or Gary Johnson won there.


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