Watch the Livestream of the CNN/Heritage Foundation National Security Debate Here

Bookmark and Share    Tonight in Washington, D.C. at 8:00 pm est, in the Dar Constitution Hall, the 8 major Republican presidential candidates will discus national defense, international relations and terrorism issues in the CNN’Heritage Foundation Republican National Security Debate.

The event will be  moderated by Wolf Blitzer and can be seen live on CNN or online via live streaming video here.

You can submit questions via Twitter using the #CNNDebate hashtag or on

With 2 and a half weeks to go before the next debate and about and a half weeks left till the Iowa Caucuses, what happens in tonight’s debate could go a long way in establishing a clear frontrunner.

Look for Newt Gingrich to try to use tonight’s forum to do just that.  Mitt Romney will most likely play it safe again, which is probably a smart move in a debate about national security, and the others will try to find a way for voters to still give them serious consideration.  Ron Paul will probably fail to do that yet again, but he is very likely to create sparks and fuel some fires as he continues to take positions that would have the United States turn a blind eye to the threats that face our nation.  I would bet money on a big clash  occurring on that issue between Ron Paul and Rick Santorum.

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