Buddy Roemer: A Leader in the “Rest of the Field”

Bookmark and Share  While the vast majority of the media focus in the Republican presidential nomination process is on the eight candidates considered the major contenders, there is even some doubt as to whether or not all 8 of them should be considered major candidates.   For instance, former Ambassador to China and Governor of Utah, Jon Huntsman, may not really be a “major” candidate.  Afterall, he is the one candidate who consistently polls less than Rick Santorum, and while Santorum is trying hard and scoring some good points, his standing in the polls and coverage by the media hardly qualifies him for this category.   Then there’s Gary Johnson.  Gary who?
Gary Johnson is the former Governor of New Mexico who has been allowed in two debates because he was deemed as having met the one percent threshold met in a two or more national polls and therefore eligible to participate.
There’s also Fred Karger who used a White House 2012 poll as evidence of his meeting that one percent requirement.  The sponsors of the first Fox News debate didn’t buy it though.
Unfortunately, politics is perception and even more unfortunate than that is the fact that the media helps create those perceptions.   This reality anoints some to stardom and places them in the headlines while relegating others to the back page. 
One candidate who has been put in such a position is former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer. 
Roemer has been actively running for President since early Spring and while those who get a chance to hear him find his down home, interpretation of the problems and political solutions to them, as refreshing, many more are not given the opportunity to hear his message because of a lack of fair attention to him by the media.  But Buddy is doing his best to change that.
On Saturday, he sent out an email which dealt with his attempt to meet the qualifications for federal matching funds.  Those funds will the double the financial resources available to him and make it that much easier to try to get his message out  [see the email below this post] .  
And what exactly is that message?  Well as with the case with all the candidates, there are multiple messages but his focus is on  fighting the corrupting influences in Wall Street and Washington, ending favors to big donors and the misuse of federal funds to help major corporations that take jobs overseas while they evade taxes in America and the need for campaign finance reforms.  In other words, Roemer sees that most all of our problems are caused by the corrupting influences on the political entities which manage all that which needs fixing, such as our economy.
When one does hear Buddy Roemer make his pitch in that regard, they can’t help but see a certain sense of logic to what he has to say.  And while how or if that which Roemer sees as the root to all of our problems, can be fixed is open to debate, Roemer is at least willing to debate it.  So on that basis, Roemer has a right to be heard.  But so do all the other 133 Republicans who have filed their presidential candidacies with the Federal Election Commission.
Each of them have issues that they believe need addressing.  Which is why this week, White House 2012 will begin a new series called “The Herd” .
The Herd will cover the rest of the Republican field and provide all the Republican presidential candidates with the opportunity to get their message out.  So far, all of the FEC registered Republican candidates have been sent questionnaires that allow us to gauge the size of their campaigns and the momentum behind them. Those who have responded, will be the first to be interviewed by White House 2012.  In the case of Governor Roemer though, his campaign has not yet responded.  Hopefully though, he will take us up on our acceptance of his invitation to meet him for coffee, an invitation he extended in his email to supporters. 
That’s up to the Governor.  
Meanwhile, in the coming weeks, White House 2012 readers will have the opportunity to learn about those other candidates who are willing to take us up on our offer to help get their message out. 
“The Herd” will appear every other day beginning Monday, November 28th.  It will at the very least provide readers with a view of some very colorful characters.


Coming Monday

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