Which Republican Presidential Candidate is Most Capable of Beating Obama in a Debate?

Bookmark and Share   While many have given the Republican presidential debates little credit for shedding any new light on the 2012 Republican presidential candidates, some candidates have found them to have been a make or break proposition for the success or failure of their campaigns.   And while more than a dozen of these G.O.P. presidential debates there is evidence that some candidates have indeed used them them to help their campaigns more than others.

But the debates that can usually make the biggest difference are the ones between the Republican and Democrat nominees.

Not only are their fewer such debates,each are watched by more people than are the primary debates.  And history has proven that the presidential debates most definitely do have a profound on election results.

Nixon was said to have won his debate against JFK in 1960 among those who listened to it on the radio.  But those he saw it televised, felt that Kennedy won.  In 1992, when President George H. W. Bush looked at his whatch during his debate against then Governor Clinton, many got the impression that Bush was bothered by it all and it helped add to the impression that he was out of touch with the economic problems of the people. 

Aside from Rick Perry’s now infamous brain freeze during a recent G.O.P. primary debate, one of the most significant debate faux pas in contemporary politics occurred during President Gerald Ford’s debate with then Governor Jimmy Carter.

When asked about Soviet domination of Eastern Europe, Ford said that there was no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe.  He even went so far as to try to prove his point, a point which was utterly and undeniably false.  Days later Ford admitted that it was a mistake, but he wrote it off to incorrect phraseology.   No matter what excuse he had, it hurt Ford and may have been what sealed his fate in what was a relatively close election.

That is why White House 2012 is asking readers an important question………

Which Republican presidential candidate do you think  is most capable of beating President Obama in the presidential debates?

To answer the question, click here or visit the White House 2012 Polling Place at the top of the column to the right.

Results will posted on  Monday, December 5th.

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