Allen West Would Accept the Vice Presidential Nomination If He “Can Make A Difference”

Bookmark and Share   In an interview with WMAL’s Morning Majority with Brian Wilson, Mary Katherine Ham, and Bryan Nehman, Florida Congressman Allen West stated that if he could make a difference he would accept the vice presidential nomination  as “a call to duty” [check the video below this post for an audio recording of that part of the interview]

The question came up after West characterized the Republican presidential nomination contest as “a two-man race” between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.    Brian Wilson then casually asked “So what do you think about a Gingrich-West ticket?  Congressman West initially responded off-handedly with an “Now why do ya have to go there noya wanna set me up like that”.   He then proceeded to say that he would have to first pray and consult his family because such a thing would dramatically change his already drastically changed life.  He elaborated by explaining that four years ago he was packing up his gear and leaving Afghanistan.  Since then he spent a year running as an underdog candidate for Congress and now he has been in Congress for a year.

West’s answers is similiar to one given by Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell several months ago.

Like West, McDonnell was reluctant to answer the question at first but when pressed he admitted that if he was called upon for such a job, it would be hard to say no.

White House 2012 has been trying to avoid the Veepstakes, but has been putting together a  cursory “long list” of potential vice presidential contenders. You can view it here.  That list is still being compiled but you will see that Col. West is on it, although the complete assessment of his vice presidential prospects has not yet been posted.  But on the White House 2012 Vice Presidential Contender list you will find some likely and not so likely names that at this point in time, it is safe to say any nominee would have to at least consider or pretend to consider.

Of course no truly accurate assessment of  possible running mates can established until we have a a nominee for them to run with.  When that happens, a clearer picture will emerge.

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5 Responses

  1. […] Allen West Would Accept the Vice Presidential Nomination If He “Can Make A Difference&#82… […]

  2. […] Allen West Would Accept the Vice Presidential Nomination If He “Can Make A Difference&#82… […]

  3. There could never be a more competent pair of men to run this country. I think there would be an absolute landslide! Col. West is everything obama is not. Principled, Proven, No Nonsense leader of people in the most stressful enviroment one could imagine. Newt, a brilliant historian, well versed in the intricacies of the federal bureaucracy who has grown more fervent in his belief that the country is in the hands of a group of socialists who are intent on destroying our nation as it has stood for more than 235 years. The Liar said so himself during his victory speech after his massive swindle of the American voter.This IS our last chance. If obama is re elected he has nothing to lose! He will run riot over the Constitution and the electorate. There would likely be armed revolt at some point and this imposter to the throne will have perverted our system beyond repair. Newt said it best a few days ago. Victory or Death. That is NOT hyperbole!

  4. I have to disagree, respectfully. Allen West should be POTUS!

  5. 12/4/11, Probably no one despises BO as intensely as I do. This character came in spouting how he was going to **** us like we never been ****** before. And the 18 y/o’s, blacks, hippies, etc. bought it; walked on water for BO. OMG~~~O Must Go!

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