Herman Cain’s Blurry Foreign Policy and National Security Vision

Bookmark and Share    After a recent charge regarding  a thirteen year long extramarital affair finally got Herman Cain back into the headlines, and after making an admission that he was “reassessing” his campaign, Herman Cain took the stage of  Hillsdale College in Michigan to deliver a speech on his foreign policy vision.

The speech offered a coherent cursory view of international affairs, but really did little to prove that Cain has a superior grasp of foreign affairs, something which has became a major problem for Cain after numerous gaffes seemed to show a crack in the former frontrunner’s political armor.  Ultimately, while the speech did present some catchy phrases, it lacked any detail, something which has become a trademark of all of Herman Cain’s policy positions.

Adding to the problem of a lack of detail was Cain’s unwillingness to take questions following his speech. 

Typically, major policy speeches like the one Cain delivered allow for some follow up questions, especially when delivered in an academic setting such as the one provided by Hillsdale College.

Of course, the lack of any question and answer period following the speech was probably mainly due to any willingness to field the questions most on people’s mind when it comes to Herman Cain………those of the most recent charge against him and the rumor that he was thinking about ending his campaign for President.  But for those concerned about Cain’s true knowledge of the issues, especially on matters of national security and foreign affairs, any reason to avoid getting in to the details of his plans, was merely an excuse.

In the end, one of the most interesting things to have occurred during the Cain foreign policy speech was a Twitter which he issued right before he took the stage at Hillsdale. It appeared as follows;

Herman CainTHEHermanCain  Herman Cain

“Team HC: The definition of reassess is: To consider again, esp. while paying attention to new factors. Doesn’t sound like dropping out…”
Later, Cain tweeted several links that refered to his Hillsdale foreign policy speech.  One included the video seen blow and the other included a link to his website and what he called a “detailed” summary of his foreign policy.
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