Gingrich Announces that He Will Be the Republican Nominee

Bookmark and Share   Moments ago, Newt Gingrich told ABC News that given the polls, it is clear he will be the Republican nominee.

But his remarks did not end their and they essentially amounted to an opportunity to add that, his campaign will not be going negative and will focus on defeating President Obama while running a substantive campaign on the issues.

While the remarks, may sound cocky, they are actually a smart strategic move designed to build upon Newt’s momentum and the praise he has been afforded by refusing to attack his fellow Republicans.  They were words designed to also help Newt raise money.

Now that Newt’s campaign has a pulse, and has some popular support, his campaign is in desperate need of the money that can help him keep and build on that support.

Gingrich’s remarks come on a day that that the insignificant campaign of perennial presidential candidate Ron Paul, released a relentlessly negative attack ad against Gingrich.  The ad called “Serial Hypocrisy” spends two and a half minutes attacking Newt on an environmental ad he was in with Nancy Pelosi ad, calling Paul Ryan’s reforms “right wing, social engineering”,  his ties to Freddie Mac, and a fuzzy past position on individual healthcare mandates.  The ad is quite ugly and while it is based on some of the most underhanded political distortions and tactics imaginable, it won’t help the Gingrich cause.

Or will it?

The Ron Paul ad is so over the line that it could just emphasize the positive campaign that Newt has been trying to wage and which many have been crediting him for.  Which brings us back to his recent declaration.

In light of Ron Paul’s ad, and in light of information that indicates Mitt Romney is preparing to get negative on Newt,  Gingrich just helped to inoculate himself from future attacks,  to a degree.  He has also now  created an environment whereby those who seek to be aggressively negative, do so at the risk of a voter backlash. 

By stating that he is confident that he will be the nominee, Newt has officially taken hold of frontrunner status and ensured that the focus remains on him.  He also begins to instil some confidence in those who have been hesitant to open up their wallets to his campaign.  And he has done so in a way that makes any brutally negative ads against him a risky proposition for those who put them out.

Newt is taking the high road and providing voters with a chance to choose substance over slander, and issues over innuendo.  He just put the ball in our court.

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