Is Ron Paul AntiSemitic?

Calling Ron Paul “misguided and extreme”, the Republican Jewish Coalition has elected to not invite Ron Paul to their candidate forum on December 7.  The other candidates who have attended recent debates will all be present.  Ron Paul’s views have been characterized as isolationist, despite his insistence otherwise, and he has made some statements in the past that are very offensive to Jewish groups, such as calling Gaza a concentration camp.

The Republican Jewish Coalition said that inviting Ron Paul would be no different than inviting Barack Obama when it came to policy on Israel and Israel’s enemies.

Occasionally, I invite comments on the blog and this is one of those instances.  I know plenty of Ron Paul supporters.  I consider most to be conservative constitutionalists and pretty normal.  But I also have acquaintances who are Ron Paul fans and anti-Semitic.  Aaron Goldstein at the American Spectator suggests that anti-Semitism runs rampant among Paul supporters.  Are you a Ron Paul fan?  Do you think Ron Paul is anti-Semitic?  Or is the Republican Jewish Coalition simply misunderstanding Ron Paul’s stance on Israel?


5 Responses

  1. Saying Ron Paul is anti-semetic is akin to saying one is racist for not supporting Obama. Ron Paul’s stance is often misinterpreted as isolationist instead of what it is, non-interventionist. Simply he believes that relationships with foreign countries should exist but blindly entangling ourselves in all of our allies military issues is not helping but making things worse. Lets be honest, Sadaam was a bad guy but he was keeping Iran in check. We didnt find any weapons and now Iran is emboldened even more. The issue in that region is worse now. Egypt – again, we now have a bigger issue than we had before. Libya – appearing to turn the way of Egypt. Lets remember we also armed Bin Laden in Afghanistan. That turned out worse than letting the Soviets have it would have. Pakistan is another supposed ally who now isn’t so friendly. Do we really need to help Israel militarily and financially? They seem capable of handling their own business. Everytime Iran gets a facility it mysteriously explodes as happened as recently as last week. We cant afford a foreign policy of world Police and besides that it hasn’t worked well. Ron Paul being anti semetic for holding that view is not misguided, it’s an uneducated stance by those who have failed to see the larger problems our policies have caused even though they are staring us directly in the face. But then again we are all racists so what do we know?

  2. I think that’s fair. Do you think Paul’s campaign tends to attract anti-semitic supporters because of his stance on at least a small scale? As you know, I’ve taken great issue with people who say not all tea party members are racist, but if you are a racist you are probably a tea party member. So I’m certainly not saying that anti-semitic people are going to end up as Ron Paul supporters. I am trying to gauge the public sentiment though.

    • Most definitely on a small scale yes. Not anymore though than Santorum attracting homophobes or Bachman attracting anti-mexican followers however. Heck, Newt may attract a few adulterers. There are some of those type people in everyones camp to some extent.

  3. I won’t speak for public sentiment but I will make this next week’s poll question and we can get a sense of how WH12 readers feel about Paul. I can however say that when I interviewed Prof. Peter Huesey of the Foreign Affiars Council and the founder of GeoStrategies regarding a comparison of the candidate’s foreign affair policies, he volunteered his view of Ron Paul and stated that Paul is an anti-Semite and he called him “the most dangerous man in America”.

    I will go so far as to say that I believe Ron Paul’s foreign policy or lack of one is a danger to the United States and while I do see his policy on Israel as a danger to the Jewish nation, I do not believe he is anti-Semitic. I do not think his policy is based on a hatred of Jews. I believe Ron Paul just sincerely believes in his own isolationist policies. So while I can say that I totally disagree with Ron Paul, I can’t call him an anti-Semite and would not do so. Words like hypocrite, and old coot yes, but anti-Semite, no.

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