The Herd: Chris Hill is a Republican Presidential Candidate With a Populist Reform Agenda

Republican Presidential Candidate Chris Hill

His name is Chris Hill and you may not have heard of him but Capt. Hill is one of “The Herd”…….. one of those 134 Americans who have registered their presidential campaigns with the Federal Election Commission.

Now a resident of Kentuck, Capt. Hill’s  job as an airline pilot has had him employed  in 48 states as well as Europe, Mexico and Canada.   But moving around has never been a big deal for Chris.  He was born  in the heartland of Indiana where his family’s roots took hold in a small town just North of Terre Haute called Clinton.  Eventually, in what Chris calls his ‘Tom Sawyer years”, his family moved to New Jersey and then in 1974 they moved to Bedford, New Hampshire where the first in the nation primary becomes a part of civic minded people’s DNA. 

It was in the Granite State that Chris Hill got his first taste of presidential politics when he joined his father and the two volunteered their time to the presidential campaign of Ronald Reagan.

Five years later, Chris went on to graduate from the University of New Hampshire where he earned a BA in Political Science and became a Distinguished Graduate of the Air Force ROTC and was selected to attend a highly competitive Pilot Training program called Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training.  

That summer, he married his high school sweetheart, Michele Gagne of Bedford, New Hampshire, and off they went to start their adult lives. Chris went on to serve the nation by earning his wings in the Air Force where became an officer and eventually flew F-4 and F-15E fighter jets.  When Desert Storm swept the Middle East, Chris Hill went on to fly those jets in 50 different combat missions .  He says that during his travels of the last 17 years, he met hard working Americans who he believes are not as divided as the Congress and politicians who represent them are.  According to Chris “Washington Politicians want us to believe we are a Nation Divided. We are not. Most of us are working hard, playing by the rules and raising our families.”  

But during his dialogue, Chris was encouraged by the response that people had to his own vision.  So much so, that he decided to run for President.

 He tells White House 2012 that his top two issues are:

  1.  Restoring the Middle Class in America
  2.  Term Limits for Congress. 

According to Hill  “Term Limits for Congress are necessary because Washington has turned into an Aristocracy in America”

He tells us that he plans on helping the Middle Class by  “replacing the current tax code and allowing working people to keep more of their own money.”  And Chris Hill’s tax code reforms are indeed unique.

Like Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan that seems to be falling towards and below 9% in the polls, Hill’s plan is a mix of different forms of taxation and different tax bracket rates.  Most unique about his plan is the proposal to make all income up to $250,000, tax free. 

All together Hill’s economic reform plan consists of the following;

  1.  Make all income up to $250,000 tax free.
  2. The creation of a 10% national sales tax
  3. The creation of progressive tax rates on the rich that will be comprised of the following brackets

To understand that chart, you must remember that under Chris Hill’s Plan, all earnings up to $250,000 are not not taxed, but if you earn anything above that, the Hill Plan institutes the brackets listed in the chart.

A fourth aspect of Hill’s economic reform package is a mandatory annual IRS audit of all members of Congress, the Supreme and Federal Courts, as well as the Executive Branch with income over $250,000.

On  that Chris Hill says “We must have public servants who live within the boundaries of the laws they pass.”

The creation of Hill’s plan to keep all income under $250,000. tax free is based on what he says is the number used by President Obama uses to define the upper middle class in America. He adds; “Washington believes there are only two types of Americans, “The Rich” and the rest of us. Funny how so many of them, all public servants, fall into “The Rich” category isn’t it?” 

But that brings us to his proposal for a new national sales tax.

Like Michele Obama, Captain Hill wants every American to have some skin in the game.  They both believe that all Americans must pay some tax.  So it is his opinion that a national sales tax will accomplish that and more.  According to Hill,  “Drug dealers pay no tax on their money, but they will pay sales tax on that Escalade!”   He claims “America is ready for a single flat 10% National Sales Tax and describes it as “Fair for all Americans” 

Chris Hill’s Economic Reform Plan, as it pertains to taxes is certainly more comprehensive than some of the other candidates out there, Michele Bachmann for one,  but as is the case with many similar plans, I do not believe that it will increase the rate of economic growth that we need to get this economy going again.  In many ways, while Hill’s plan is comprehensive, what it ultimately does is give comprehensive control to government in the area of increasing or decreasing tax brackets and determine winners and losers.  And more than that, the Hill plan, like the Cain plan, gives the government a new taxing authority to play with.  Today the sales tax is at 10%..  But what about tomorrow, when they decide to raise the rate like they do on postage stamps.  And we see how well that has done for the still bankrupt postal system.   But more than that, the Hill plan makes no mention of the need for a corporate repatriation policy that would allow billions of dollars in free market money to come back to the United States and stimulate our economy naturally, as opposed to the fake stimulus that the Obama Administration is using as means to create a welfare culture that will perpetuate society’s dependence on the government bureaucracy. 

But Chris Hill has many other ideas.

On the issue of jobs, the premier issues these days, Chris tells us NAFTA was a product of Republican George H. W. Bush and Democrat William Jefferson Clinton. Both had an agenda for the world” , said Hill.   He added “What about having an agenda for Americans again? It is time for a President who fights for America and our people! As President I will consult the experts on international trade and begin to put in place the policies that allow our workers to once again compete fairly with the world in business.   How exactly he will do that is not made clear yet.

Moving on to Foreign Policy and National Security, here Captain Hill has some very common sense, mainstream ideas.  Such common sense is not usually found in politics but Hill likes to make the point that he is no politician. 

On our border and illegal immigration problem, Hill  proposes the following steps:

  1. In 2013 we must pass a NEW LEGAL IMMIGRATION policy that is clear to the world.
  2. Then we must insist our government enforces it.
  3.  Base the flow of legal immigration in to the country on current UNEMPLOYMENT numbers.
  4. Whenever unemployment is above 6% the flow of legal immigration will be slowed or stopped.
  5. Once employment drops below 6% we can again assess the the numbers of legal immigrants that we can accept.
  6.  We must begin by securing our borders.

The justification that Hill offers for this policy is given in a story he tells based on his many travels.  He states:

“In October I was flying a trip in Atlanta. At the Westin Hotel behind the desk worked a young woman from Europe. Isn’t there an American in Atlanta who needs this job? Someone who is now collecting unemployment? The job had good working conditions and pay. I see this throughout the United States” 

And so according to Chris, a strong quota system that is based on our national employment rate should prevent Americans from having to compete with foreigners for America jobs.  While there is a degree of logic to that thinking, it is not quite that simple,.

But Chris Hill doesn’t stop there,  He knows that illegal immigration is the real problem and that it must be solved.  According to him, calls for some sort of security barrier at the border are only made by politicians who are frankly out of touch with reality”.   He adds, “Not only is the expense insane, can you imagine the government confiscating the private land along the border to achieve this? I fly out of El Paso routinely. It is simply impossible”

So what Hill proposes is a policy which requires us to take away the incentive for immigrants to come here illegally. He proposes that we do so by “alltaking responsibility for enforcing our immigration policy. And after the wars are overs, we bring out troops home and have them guard our border and implement the use of drone aircrafts“. According to Hill “Drone aircrafts will be more effective than a fence and the National Guard will be effective than Border Patrol.”.

The Chris Hill immigration reform plan also addresses the issue of 12 Million Moms, Dad, and children who  have come here prior to 2013 with two final illegal immigration reforms on his agenda;

  • .We will insist people in America make a choice. Become a citizen with full rights and responsibilities, or go home.
  • On the issue of Anchor Babies. I will lead Congress to do everything necessary to end this practice. We will look to the laws in other countries for guidance. One of the parents must be a U.S. citizen for a new baby to be an American.“As President I will set a deadline for all people residing in the United States to become citizens.

As someone who has long been a proponent of my own immigration reform law called Open Arms-Secure Borders, I am both passionate about the issue and studied on it.  And as far as I can see, Chris Hill’s immigration reform package is based on some common sense thinking, but here again, the situation is not as simple as many think.  For instance Hill’s effort to get rid of the incentives that attract illegal immigrants to our nation, would put someone in charge of solving an infinitesimal number of factors.   And the only real way for the incentives to die would be the creation of a better quality of life in Mexico for the Mexican people.  So this brings up the question of should the American government be doing anything with the Mexican government that can help them improve their quality of life?  If that can be done, the flood gates would close.

All in all, Chris Hill has a solid platform.  His solutions can be debated, but at least he brings to the table the right debate.  Hill understands what most American understand, the nation is broken and it needs fixing.  And as a hands on guy, Chris Hill is not the type of man who can sit around waiting for the plumber to stop a flood from rising in his basement.  Chris Hill  gets in there and takes care of it himself.  And that is what he is doing now.  He is not waiting for the right person to come along and fix our problems, he is willing to do it himself.  

The problem is that while anyone can be anything in America, when trying to reach that goal, there are many obstacles that must be dealt with.  In this case, Chris Hill’s obstacles are quite high.  While Chris has many things in his favor such as the fact that he is not a politician, that he is a family man, a combat veteran, and has some sound, common sense ideas, what he does not have is the money required to reach the large number of people that the Romney’s and Perry’s can.

But that is not stopping Chris Hill.

Write now he is spending time in New Hampshire where he is working  any and every event possible.   And as for getting a campaign team together, Hill told White House 2012 that he is organizing  Veterans, a natural constituency for him,  and he is focusing on the internet in an attempt to communicate with the younger generation  and also on the capability of using the internet as a  recruiting tool.

Chris Hill has a long way to go and with 46 days left before the New Hampshire primary and 39 days till the Iowa Caucus,  he is spending a lot of time in both states, but he is also working Nevada, which is having their Caucus on Saturday February 4th and he promises to stay in the race for as long as funding allows.  Right now Hill tells us that most of his fundraising is done through his website and while he hasn’t received any endorsements yet, the money is still coming in.

While Chris Hill’s campaign  may not be your typical well staffed, professionally handled, political campaign, for him it is a plus.  His lack of political handlers and perfectly worded, stump statements, help distinguish him from the candidates who are among the political class.  And in this day and age, with the TEA movement, Congressional approval down to 9%, the President’s disapproval at nearly 50%, the political class is not in anyone’s favor right now. 

But you can tell that Chris Hill has his stuff together.  Out there on the campaign trail, he carries himself confidently and competently.  And deep down he may know that this election may not put him in the Oval Office, but for him not getting to the White House won’t be a loss.  For Chris Hill it would be a loss only  if he did not try to get his message out there as much as possible. 

Some of the 134 Republican Presidential candidates registered with the FEC are real characters….colorful characters who you can safely say are borderline looney tunes,  But Chris is not such a character.  He has character, great character,  the type of character that has motivated him so much that he is willingly taking on the role of David and is prepared to fight not one, but two Goliaths.  The Goliath that is an ever growing, never ending federal bureaucracy and the political Goliath that keep feeding the federal Colossus.  These two Goliaths are trying to recreate America from the top down, but Chris Hill knows that it should be the other way around.  That is why his campaign touts the slogan  “America’s Coming Home” .He says his slogan   “reflects the need to focus on restoring this nation from the family unit up.” 

Meet Chris Hill

Visit Chris Hill’s Campaign Website


 Volunteers can contact Chris Hill’s Campaign and make donation to his campaign at

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