Plan B:

Bookmark and Share  Before Herman Cain even uttered the words “today I am suspending my presidential campaign” his team had established The Cain Solutions website.

The site is a quick transition from being Candidate Cain to being Citizen Reformer Cain.

With, Herman Cain promises to lead the way to some of the most important and sweeping reforms in our nation’s history, including his 9-9-9 tax reform plan and initiatives to achieve American energy independence.


Click Here To Visit The Site

With The Cain Solutions, Herman Cain has the chance to remain a significant political force.  For how long is not clear, but at least for now, The Cain provides Herman with a good way to transition from the fast paced life of his presidential life and back to life as Citizen Cain.
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16 Responses

  1. Dear Mr. Cain,
    I truly believe that you could have and would have brought righteousness back into the white house. I am so disappointed about this. I do not believe for one minute that the allegations were true and even if they were that was so long ago and you are a different person because of your belief in God. All is forgiven and I truly hope that you will reconcider your decision. The devil is the accuser of the brethern and I know the liberals were afraid of you and was out to destroy you, so we know which side they are on. So you just keep your faith and trust in Jesus and what ever the devil ment for evil the Lord will turn for good. Just hang in and do not give up. You have the most precious wife and I know that she stand behind you with forgiveness and trust in her Lord and you as well. You are in my prayers.
    Your friend
    Shirley Hare.

    • Amen! Thank you for pressing forward Mr. Cain to represent “We the People” and to clear your good name. You are a true patriot and I pray that you are in the Cabinet of the new Republican administration in January 2013 to help to briskly cleanse Obama’s anti-constitutionial corruption, to eradicate his heretical socialist policies, and to, once again, restore America to the hill top so that her exceptional, unflickering shining light may unapologetically beam brightly for all the world to see in 2013, and for many generations to come. God bless and stay the course. Steve Moran

  2. Mr. Cain
    I just want to express my deep concern for you, your wife and your family. I for one just do not believe the allegations and do hope you as you said recently get to the bottom of this. It is so sad that a person can say whatever they desire to defame a person’s character, hurt the family and just walk away with no proof. I always thought the person being accused had a right of confronting their accusers, I do also realize when in the position you were in that there is not time to do all this and “run for president” I am so very disappointed in our leaders “plural”. We have now people in our country in leadership who have no honesty, integrity, and loyalty to our loved country. I admire your desire to make some badly needed changes and do wish you all the best and our prayers.I know this was a plan to destroy you. You are in my prayers..nina flora

  3. Mr.Cain,

    I knew last night there was an update to come today about the campaign. The thought that you might stop your bid for the White House did cross my mind for a moment but I thought you would be able to fight through to the end.
    I do understand and praise you for putting your wife and family first . I am however greatly saddened that you have made this decision.
    I believe you a man of character and just what we’ve needed for this country since Ronald Reagan.
    I don’t know what more to say other than I hope you will return to the race for President and go on to the White House in 2012.

    J.C. Stephenson

  4. just went up a few minutes ago

    Glad to see Mr Cain is still going to keep himself involved, even if he can’t continue. He made the right choice for his family.

  5. Mr. Cain,

    I am so upset about your decision. I fully understand it, but none the less we are losing a great candidate. I am so tired of seeing evil win out over good lately. I was so hoping you would tell the other side to stop wasting their money, you are not backing down.

    I know in my heart these alleigations are false, because of the timing, and you are intelligent and savy enough to know what negatives in your background can come out when you run for president. But you can’t anticipate what the democrats will fabricate about you. It’s amazing how the harrassment allegations disappeared when your poll numbers went down. Gloria Allred should be prosecuted for her part in it. It’s also interesting that the time frame was only during your employment with the National Restaurant Association. The only aspect of your life Axlerod had access to information about your tenure.

    I hope we continue to see and hear a lot from you. My advice to the new administration is to install you in a significant position to help turn this country around.

    I will pray for you and that you receive justice regarding these slanders.

    God Bless you and your family.

    A Cain Train Friend,
    Rose Gilbert

  6. Allegations true or not, how come nobody mentions the SecretService sneaking Marilyn Monroe into the White House for JFK or dear Bill Clinton’s carryings on !!!!!!!

  7. I hate the way that democrats run their campain. they don’t come out & say anything about what they want to do to help the country, she just know how to sling BS at anyone that runs against them!!!

  8. Dear Mr. & Mrs. Cain:

    Once again, I am forced to vote against a candidate instead of voting for a candidate; might just stay home this year. I’m an now convinced the big corporations in collusion with big government via the lobbyist run the election process. If I do vote, I’ll write your name in out of protest if you don’t return to the race.

    • I can undedrstand that you are disappointed, but if you really believed in Herman Cain, then you should also really believe in his wrok and message. Herman Cain is a product of “the big corporations” that you believe are in collusion with big government. And he is a proud product of big corporations. He helped make several big and successful and he understands that big business is not the problem and not creating the problem.

      And if giving up is what you got from Herman Cain’s speech today, than I doubt you get Herman Cain because his message was just the opposite of that and is part of the reason why he will endorsing one of his own former rivals.

      Instead of tghrowing in the towel and giving up to the big government liberals, try to work with what we’ve got and make it matter. That’s what Herman Cain is about to do with his Plan B.

      • Thank you for your kind reply but what I meant by my post was that Gingrich(Speaker paid an unprecedented $300,000 penalty, the first time in the House’s 208-year history, paid near 2 million by Freddie Mac, etc.) and Romney(Romney-care, More than 100 registered lobbyists have contributed to Romney, giving nearly $200000 in direct donations, etc.) are both serial flip-floppers, and appear to be in the pocket of lobbyist just like our current golfer-in-chief. The other candidates are not polling well. Mr. Cain was the only candidate that represented ideas with which I could identify that was polling well. I will be voting but for local, state and congressional elections; the presidential election is controlled by the big money “establishment”. Why else would all these women come forward if not for lobbyist money, and further Mr. Cain and his family were being threatened hence the secret service protection (The first candidate to receive it this election.) Mr. Cain’s 9-9-9 as much as many mocked it would have ruined the careers of many attorneys, accountants, lobbyist, etc. (groups with lots of money and power); it scared them to “death”, and they would to anything to stop it; they did.

        Why would anyone not part of the “approved” establishment want to consider running for office?

  9. Dear Mr Cain…It saddens me it brought tears to my eyes..I feel you are a honest man..A man of God..and the best choice for President of The United States Of America…We truley need to be United and I think and believe you are the one to lead the way…Please re-consider…the people might surprise you

  10. Dear Mr. Cain, you never should have quit, but now that you have, you should focus your attention on doing everything you can to get Obama out of office. And while you are doing that, you should also hire someone to track down who paid these female bimbos off to come up with their lies. I cried when you I heard your speech, you, sir, were and still are the best candidate I have ever seen or heard of,,it is time to bring down the socialist Obama regime with truth instead of lies. They fear you because you were their greatest threat. You could have been the greatest president this country has ever known. Please reconsider. I wish I knew you actually read this,,John J. Schweger.

  11. Mr Cain,
    I do not believe any of the falsehoods thrown at you.
    I knew the left would hurl all kinds of lies at your door. I am just enraged on your behalf. In the end this country has lost a chance to have a righteous man as our Commander …. our country is lost without a man like you… to lead her back to the right path. Thank you for your sacrifice. I know you knew what kind of snake pit you would be walking through when you so valiently put you and your families lives on the guilletine of what pretends to be American politics.

    Proud to be a CAIN SUPPORTER!

    Rebecca D Haynes
    Waycross, GA

  12. Mr. Cain, quitting gives the Dems and unscrupulous women a win! Now they will continue attacking conservatives and will encourage some women who have played the “Give me money or I’ll…” game with others, to keep on playing the “game”. I’m a conservative woman who is deeply embarrassed by the twits that give all women a bad name. We need you in the whitehouse! Please reconsider.. Sheryl Geiger

  13. Dear Mr. Cain,
    I am greatly disppointed with your decision to step down because you were a breath of fresh air with good straight forward ideas for change and removing the political corruption we are plagued with from big money establishments, lobbyist and the good old boys club in Washington. You are a great threat to them. I praise you for putting your family first. I believe you are a man of great character and would be a great leader for our country so I am very happy you have a plan B to keep fighting the good fight.

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