Will Cain Pull A Clinton, or a Biden. Will We Find Out Today?

Bookmark and Share   In a matter of a month Cain has gone from 31% to 8% in Iowa and while he had some of his best fundraising of the campaign in the days immediately following an initial anonymous accusation of sexual harassment, that rally around effect slowly faded after additional charges continued to surface.  But the money really stopped flowing after Ginger White came forward and accused Cain, not of sexual harassment, but of having a 13 year long affair with her.

While Cain flat out denies this recent accusation, as he has done with all previous charges, this time he did admit that he was friends with Ginger White but kept that friendship a secret.  Cain alleges that he was simply helping White out financially by paying a few bills for her on a monthly basis.  The suspicious arrangement may have paid White’s bill but it is now preventing Cain’s presidential campaign from paying its own bills.

The former flavor of the week contends that he must reevaluate his campaign because of the effect that the charges have had on his campaign but he also states that his family is a big consideration here.  In many ways the decision to keep moving forward in his quest for the presidency may rest with Cain’s wife, Gloria.  For while Herman Cain’s campaign may be able to survive with a portion of the electorate still suspicious of his guilt regarding  alleged misconduct and personal indiscretions, the only one that really matters is his wife of 42 years. 

Some like Fox News political analyst, host, and reporter, Chris Wallace have stated that Cain will not be ending his bid for the White House.  Others like myself are not so sure.  Faced with lingering questions and heightened suspicion, and a campaign that is witnessing the evaporation of support and money, there may not be enough momentum or opportunity left to gain momentum with just 30 or so days left to go before Iowa votes in 2012 ‘s first in the nation Republican presidential nomination contest.  One clue that may suggest Cain is leaning towards dropping out of the race was his stated concern with what his campaign would do with the money it does have left, if he did drop out.

While one can never say never in politics, when considering the existing political reality, the writing on the wall would seem to indicate that Herman Cain is going to be the first casualty of the 2012 presidential election.  But politics is perception and as such, in the past, many politicians have proven themselves to be  savvy enough to create their own reality and make voters believe them and support them.  Bill Clinton did it numerous times.  Still, the floor of the political sea is covered with the debris and wreckage of many who tried to sail its rough waters.  Be they guilty or wrongly accused, circumstances have more often than not overwhelmed the hulls of their political campaigns, and while some have been able to stay afloat, most sink to the bottom at varying speeds. 

Gary Hart saw his political ambitions hit the rocks and go under in the 1988 presidential election cycle. 

After being caught fooling around with one Donna Rice on a yacht called Monkey Business, Hart hunkered down with his wife in their Troublesome Gulch, Colorado residence and decided to end his campaign.  But Hart denied the charges and then he decided to get back in the race, until he found out that he was losing to Walter Mondale.  That just goes to show you that if go from a place called Troublesome  to a ship called Monkey Business, you’re asking for trouble.

Others like former governors  Jim McGreevey of New Jersey’s, and Elliot Spitzer of New York, admitted to their wrongdoing and resigned.

Mark Sanford of South Carolina, a Governor who was seen as a top contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, came home from a visit with his mistress in Argentina, apologized, and filled out the remaining year of  his gubernatorial term.

Then you have Bill Clinton.

He tried to deny any charges of infidelity, then had to admit to it,  lied about it  under oath, but stuck to his guns and survived impeachment proceedings. 

Another politician who eventually landed ion his feet is Vice President Joe Biden.

Before Gary Hart sunk in his 1988 bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, Joe Biden crashed and burned after it was discovered that he was plagiarizing everyone from JFK to the leader of Britain’s Labour Party, Neil Kinnock.  He tried to run again in 2008, but found himself to be nothing more than a footnote.  And now look at him. 

So nothing is set in stone in politics.  Herman Cain can continue his campaign but how far he can get is very questionable.  If he does fight on, he wouldn’t be the first to keep beating a dead horse in the hopes of resurrecting it.   Herman Cain could come out and say that he won’t let the S.O.B.’s push him out.  Some will find his fighting spirit admirable.  But will there be enough of those people to make a difference?  Between that and Gloria Cain, Herman has a lot of thinking to do.

Meanwhile, as we await cain’s decision, White House 2012 is proud to present you with this historical look at some of those whose private exploits have forced them to make some very public mea culpes.

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