Lesbian Exploits Her Child For Shock Value with Michele Bachmann

Bookmark and Share   Today America got another glimpse at how the left loves to exploit children.

In this most recent case, a lesbian who apparently stalks Michele Bachmann, decided to force a little boy to approach Congresswoman Bachmann and say to her;

“My Mommy is Gay and she doesn’t need fixing”.

But it was not assimple as all that.

As you can see in the video [see video below this post],  the child was coached and coaxed in to doing it.  After all, how many prepubescent adolescents do you know of whoare  passionate about their role in political activism?

In the video seen below, you see a very nervous child whois  so timid and uninspired by his Mother’s cause, that he has a very hard time repeating his Mother’s scripted message.

As the child is nudged toward the Congresswoman, a smiling Bachmann bends down to hear his statement but his words just can’t be heard.

When Bachmann tells the child that she couldn’t hear him ands explains that her ears may have been too far away, she leans in and very attentively asks the little boy to say whatever he was trying to tell her, again.  This time the lesbian mother nudges the kid again and says, it’s O.K., you can say it.

At that point, in still a barely audible tone, with Michele Bachmann’s ears practically pressed against the boys face,  she makes out his statement.

A little shocked by the child’s homosexual message, Bachmann pulls back and sweetly waves her hand and gently says “Goodbye”.

As the video goes viral, I am not quite sure what the incident was meant to do.

I do know that it shows me another example of the lack of judgement and decency that the most radical leftists in our nation have.  In this case, we have a lesbian who does not have the balls to deliver her own message to Michele Bachmann’s face, so instead, she exploits her nervous son and forces him to do her dirty work.  The episode raises a question that goes far beyond normal political discourse.  It raises the question, of how far is the left willing to go in the exploitation of children?

Political differences will always exist and different ways to make ones political case will always involve a measure of creativity that tries to get their point across in powerful ways.  As adults, we have the cognitive ability to process the intricacies of political discourse.  Adults are at least suppose to be able to rationally digest the facts and decisions for themselves that are base on logic and the experiences of life.

But children are different.  They are still developing their minds and are just beginning to experience life.  As such, their impressionable minds are easily molded and while parents have the right to shape the minds of their own children, we hope they at least instill in them the basics of good behavior, personal responsibility, and respectful conduct.   While a parent can certainly instill their own values in the own children, it is hoped that they are also responsible enough to help their kids develop a talent for independent thought.  But rational independent thinking can not be expected from children who are still in their single digits.

Yet liberals seem to love taking advantage of children.  They love to take a page from Marx and others communists who believe in the early doctrinarian of children in order to eliminate the possibility for any fair competition of ideas when it comes to ideology.

This exploitation of children became alarmingly apparent when in 2008, liberals embarked upon what, at the time I called, “The Messiah Mode and Barack Obama’s Political Madrasas“.

Back then, public school teachers were promoting the candidacy of Barack Obama with children who were held essentially held hostage to their teacher’s methods in their classrooms.

A college level teacher forced students to complete an assignment that ripped apart Sarah Palin’s speech at the Republican National Convention. A contrary approach that would have supported her speech by a student, who agreed with what she said, was unacceptable and did not fulfill the requirements of the assignment.

Shortly after that, low grade elementary school children were gathered together for days of rehearsal as they prepared for a choir performance that sang the virtues of Barack Obama.  And in Missouri, another teacher was reprimanded for gathering students together for pro-Obama, military-like, drills that shout out adoring chants for Barack. As you can see in the video, it is an eerie display of Nazi like military celebrations for Hitler.

I had hoped to present the videos of these instances as I did back in 2008. but for some reason, they have been scrubbed from the internet.

Most recently I was struck by the organizational meetings of Occupy Oakland protesters who actually set up a section for volunteers who wanted to organize public school children for their protests.

It was just another example of just how indecent the left is willing to be and what lengths they are willing to go to in order to try to advance their agenda.  In this case, I can only hope that the poor little boy in the video who is forced to be used as a weapon for use in his Mother’s political arsenal, does not grow up to be a confused, social misfit because of the public humiliation that his parents put him through.  Meanwhile, those who really care about children, might want to do their best to spare their own kids the embarrassment of being more of a political pawn than a beloved son or daughter growing up with parents who put their children’s interests before their political agendas.

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3 Responses

  1. So, you’d rather point out that, which is sad if it’s true that it was exploitation (like you’d know in the first place). The point of it is, is that lesbians and gays are no worse at raising kids and kids don’t care whether they have a mom and a dad, two moms, two dads, one mom, or one dad. They’ll have a parent or parents who love them and take care of them. Sometimes we need shock value, as long as it’s not manipulated.

    • Thanks for letting me know what gays are capable of. As a gay man myself, I think I know already. I also know that two wrongs do not make a right. If this mother has an honest diagreement with Michele Bachmann, fine. Address it. But don’t force your child to do your dirty work. And are you trying to tell me that this kid wasn’t manipulated? Are you honestly tellng me that his child said to his mother, “Hey Mommy , look there’s Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann who is running for the Republican presidnetial nomination. Can I tell her that your’re gay and that she does not need to fix you?”
      Wake up numbnuts! You could be blind and still still see and hear that this kid did not want to read his mother’s script to this stranger that she was shoving him towards. Shock value is one thing, but sacrificing your child as the source which you use to shock people with is reprehensible. If this woman was so concerned with her child’s rights and welfare, she would have left him at while she stalked Michele Bachmann and went on her own personal political crusade.

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