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Ron Paul is suddenly looking like a potential runner up in Iowa.  Supporters are hoping that this is his turn to rise to the top.  Paul is a constitutionalist, he is consistent, and a lot of what he says makes sense.  But what does Ron Paul say?  What are his policy stances beyond legalizing drugs, opening the border, bringing the troops home, and eliminating the department of education?  Take the Ron Paul quiz and find out what you really know about this potential runner up in Iowa.  No cheating, no googling, no going to his website.  Here you go:

Ron Paul on taxes:

A. Fairtax, get rid of the IRS!

B. Flat Tax, replace the current system

C. Modify current system, but keep a progressive tax

D. No changes

E. Other

Ron Paul on Abortion:

A. Make all abortion illegal

B. All abortion except in the case of rape, incest, or the life of the mother

C. Keep abortion legal and accessable

D. Let the states decide if abortion should be legal, but keep it legal on a federal level

E. Other

Ron Paul on Gay Marriage:

A. Thinks gay marriage should be completely legal

B. Let the states decide who can get married

C. Supports DOMA, but would not take further action if the courts overturn it

D. Supports constitutional amendment to define marriage

E. Other

Ron Paul’s family history:

A. Been divorced multiple times

B. Never been married

C. Successful marriage and family

D. Troubled marriage with affairs

E. Other

Why is Ron Paul wealthy? Check all that apply:

A. Years as a doctor (also opposes Obamacare)

B. Years as a congressman (while supporting term limits)

C. Consulting for large Wall Street firms (including lobbying)

D. Large portfolio in gold and mining stocks (and supports gold standard and mining earmarks)

E. Kickbacks and bribes (especially from bailed out companies)

Ron Paul on earmarks and pork:

A. Opposes all earmarks and pork barrel spending

B. Supports earmarks as part of the process but does not use them

C. Supports earmarks and has “brought home the bacon” in his district

D. Supports only necessary earmarks to prevent committees from making those choices

E. Other

Ron Paul on Entitlements:

A. End Social Security and Medicare

B. Social Security and Medicare are government promises, leave them alone

C. Private accounts and state block grants

D. Optional private accounts, leave Medicare alone

E. Other

Ron Paul on Healthcare:

A. Status quo

B. Repeal Obamacare and let states decide, anything from Massachusetts style to any other state

C. Expand HSA accounts and allow insurance purchases across state lines

D. Individuals must buy insurance or pay for care received

E. Other

Ron Paul on Energy:

A. Drill here, drill now

B. All of the above approach

C. Pursue green energy, eliminate fossil fuels

D. Tax subsidies for green energy, eliminate the EPA

E. Other

Ok, you took the quiz.  Now do the research.  If Ron Paul becomes the next front runner, he is going to be vetted.  One of the reasons Newt hasn’t crashed and burned yet despite the onslaught from all sides is because he has put all his flaws on the table, admitted his stupid mistakes, explained where his ideas have changed and why, and has been open about what he believes, even when it means taking the heat.  The reason Romney has not crashed and burned is because he has successfully argued why he would not take the Massachusetts mandate to DC.  On the other hand, Cain fell flat on his face because of accusations that came out of nowhere, a flawed 999 plan, and stumbles on foreign policy.

Paul has not been vetted.  Until now, no one took him seriously.  If he is your guy and you want him to win, or you are rightfully taking a second look at him, now you know if you actually know what he stands for.

5 Responses

  1. There are an awful lot of “other” answers as the correct answers to your questions on Ron Paul’s policies. I wonder if you know where he really stands on each of these. I do.

    Nice try at a hit piece though. I agree, people should go and honestly read about the facts of Ron Paul’s positions. They’ll learn he is conservative and follows the Constitution.

    • Hey Jay……. You got the wrong guy. The guy who penned this post doesn’t do hit pieces on Ron Paul. I do.

      While I agree with many things that Ron Paul says, I think he is a dismal failure in getting that which he says done and is totally incompetent when it comes to national security. And considering how hypocritical Ron Paul is, not only do I distrust his national security policies, I distrust Ron Paul himself. And seeing as how I am not even as half as nice as the man who wrote this post, I am willing to say what I think of Ron Paul in no uncertaisn terms. Especially when it comes to addressing Ron Paul’s obnoxious supporters, who do Ron Paul more harm than good. I have yet to meet a Ron paul supporter who has not called anyone who disagrees with them a neo-con, or as you did, accuse them of not knowing anything or who had persuaded anyone in ti supporting Ron Paul.

  2. This wasn’t a hit piece. I agree with a lot of what Ron Paul stands for and says. Why would you think it was a hit piece?

  3. Jay, most Ron Paul supporters I know (not the diehard cult followers, but the conservatives who are giving him a second look) can tell you that he is a conservative constitutionalist, wants to drastically change the way we treat our allies, wants to get rid of the department of education and wants to audit the fed. Those are all great goals that he will never accomplish unless he also runs for half the House seats and 60 Senate seats and wins all those too. This quiz isn’t designed to be graded, it is designed to see if conservatives giving Paul a second look actually knows where he stands on the issues Obama’s marketing team will bring up and the issues he will actually have the power to affect in the Whitehouse, like abortion policy which is a major win or lose issue among the majority of conservatives.

  4. And by the way, before you jump on the term “cult followers”, I mean as in the type of people who have seen “The Blues Brothers” more than 20 times (like me), not cult followers as in followers of David Koresh. Like Kemp said, I really am a nice guy.

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