The Newest Ads Being Aired by the Republican Presidential Candidates

Bookmark and Share    With the Iowa Caucuses right around the corner, the time has come for each candidate’s campaign to make some critical strategic decision.  Including whether or not they should start exhausting their treasuries with expensive television ad buys.

While Mitt Romney and Rick Perry currently have some relatively well stocked financial war chests, others like Gingrich, Bachmann, and Santorum do not.  For them, deciding on whether or not they should focus on Iowa or wait to invest their money in South Carolina may be a close call.  If they lose the caucus and their money in Iowa, they may not make it to South Carolina.

So at least for now, many of the campaigns have decided to move ahead with what for some are introductory ads in Iowa.  Candidates like Mitt Romney and Rick Perry have even decided to go a step further and start airing ads in some of the battleground states that will follow Iowa.

Whatever their decisions, time is running out and now is when their strategies must really start going in to effect and the initial ads they put out help give us a look at those so strategies.  For that reason, White House 2012 presents to you the candidate’s most recent ads:

This Perry spot is well done and goes a long way in making good use of the debate blunder which all but derailed his campaign. With Rick Perry, at this stage in the game, no one ad can really turn things around for him. He needs to run the type of spots that reintroduces himself to voters and creates the impression of a competent, likable, down to earth guy, who is in touch with core conservative values and able to advance those values in government. Which is exactly why Perry has spent a significant amount of money running several different ad, before most other candidates even ran one. So while I won’t grade each of the Perry ads below, I will grade the accumulated effect of the string of ads he is running all at the same time. All together, I give them an A-. Between the situation Perry faces and what he has to work with, together these ads do the best they can and each one is produced well and tap into voter sentiments effectively.

The following Perry spot is an exceptionally wise production that taps in to the all important evangelical vote in Iowa. And while racking up points for himself from voters with this ad, he also takes a few points away from Mitt Romney among them. Without ever mentioning Mitt Romney or his religion, this Perry ad subtly interjects Romney and his Mormon faith which many evangelicals have a problem with.

This ad tries to distinguish Perry as a Washington outsider while at the same time addressing the issue of energy. The spot blends the two together quite well, but in the end, this advertisement is unremarkable and not very memorable.

Below is the first ad that Romney ran in Iowa. It started earlier this week and is almost identical to an ad he had already been running in New Hampshire. It is designed to tap into the key issue of the campaign…..the economy. It tries to do so by selling Mitt as a man who understand how the economy works and who has first hand experience in the real economy. But the ad lacks any real human touch and any sign of real passion. While Perry and even Newt Gingrich have ads that generate warmth and go a long way in ing a friendly, personal rapport with voters, Romney’s ad seems to be a bit cold and mechanical. While the message in it is a good one, the delivery is flat. I give it a B-

The ad below belongs to that of Newt Gingrich. It is the first ad he has aired in Iowa and in his entire campaign. What is most notable about it is the calming gentleness of his presentation. It is designed to take the hard edges off of the reputation as a polarizing figure that preceded his entry in to the presidential election. It is well done and succeeds at what it sets out to do…….introduce a Newt Gingrich who is in touch with conservative sentiments and seems surprisingly electable. Between production value, the message, and the surprisingly convincing, warm and gentle impression of Newt that it creates, I give this ad an A

The last ad up is Ron Paul’s first to hit the public airwaves in his 2012 presidential bid. It is airing in both Iowa and New Hampshire and while it has a certain bite to it, it really does little to convince people that his bite is any more meaningful than his bark. As the ad states, Ron Paul has been screaming about cutting the budget and abolishing agencies “for years”. And how far has he gotten? Nonetheless, the ad is fun and creative but with lingo like “that’s how Ron Paul rolls”, it essentially appeals to the same age demographic which most of supporters already come from. I give the ad a B.

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