Baggage Alert: Newt turns kids into cyborgs

I feel bad for Mitt Romney.  Sometimes even bad publicity at least demonstrates that you are still relevant.  Remember when Mitt was able to take time at debates to explain why his plan was not “Obamnycare” and his respect for states rights?  Now he is quickly slipping out of American conversation.

Newt is not having any problem gaining negative publicity.  Once again, Ann Coulter is being Hamas to Romney’s Iran and is fighting the proxy war against Newt.  Did you know that teaching school kids about new technology = teaching school kids how to masturbate?  Yeah, that one caught me off guard too.

But apparently, this is the case in Ann Coulter’s mind.  Not only has Newt been seen at events with Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and Al Sharpton (apparently debating a Democrat makes you a Democrat), Newt also is a pro-choice, anti-school choice, anti-prayer, and anti-Christian coalition candidate because he took technology advice from someone who is.  This is taking guilt by association to a whole new level.

In the latest hit by Ann Coulter, she is going after Newt for proposing government programs to help prepare kids for changes in technology.  Coulter rips Gingrich for listening to the advice of an elderly couple who can’t get their VCR to work.  She also insists that the only technological advance we had in the second half of the 20th century was that computers got smaller.

So was Newt’s idea to prepare people for technology changes a deal breaker?  I don’t know.  Maybe it would have prevented the release of Windows Millennium Edition.

Newt has issues.  He is abrasive.  Not more than Obama, but he is abrasive.  He would rather shut down the government than cave in to liberals like Bill Clinton.  That’s why Newt had his way with welfare reform.  But I guess that’s not what we want.  I guess we want someone who if they perceive their constituents are liberal, will pass liberal laws like Romneycare.  But Ann, if you are going to go after Newt, try to find something people care about more than his record of trying to prepare for technological advances by listening to some author no one has ever heard of in 1994.  It’s not like he began his political career in the living room of domestic terrorists.  That might be worth writing about.

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