Polls encouraging for Gingrich & Romney however, ideas and solutions must be the key factors.

As I predicted back in May of this year, Newt Gingrich’s ideas and solutions based approach to campaigning is starting to show that perhaps, he isn’t so unelectable after all. New Quinnipiac polls of general election voters in three key battleground states released Thursday show the former House speaker increasingly competitive against President Obama next November, if Mr. Gingrich wins the Republican nomination.

The challenge for Gingrich rests in his ability to pull together the ground organisation in the early states to convert his poll numbers into state wins and look to secure the nomination. Be under no illusions, the Obama Campaign and media will attempt to cast former speaker Gingrich as unelectable, in fact, they’ll throw the kitchen sink at Gingrich to prevent him being nominated. Gingrich is a tough, experienced and battle hardened politician who is rising like a Phoenix from the flames, in his second political coming.

I appreciate Gingrich may not be liked by all within the Republican Party however, I wish those representatives would keep their own counsel for the present time and stop assisting the media and Obama campaign machine with attacks on both Romney and Gingrich. There is nothing more that the Democrats want then a long, drawn-out, heated GOP primary campaign. The longer the battle goes on, the more likely the GOP field are to tear themselves apart and make themselves look like damaged goods to likely electors, effectively handing the election to President Obama next November.

The polls actually look encouraging too for the other front runner in Florida, Romney beats President Obama 45 percent to 42 percent, but Gingrich isn’t too far off the mark. He trails President Obama with 44 percent of the Florida vote, compared with 46 percent for President Obama, within the margin of error, according to the Quinnipac University Poll, based in Hamden, Connecticut. In Ohio, Romney and Gingrich have the exact same numbers against President Obama. Each Republican gets 43 percent versus 42 for Obama. Pennsylvania is President Obama’s strongest state of the three, narrowly beating Romney 46 percent to 43 percent, and beating Gingrich handily, 48 percent to 40 percent.

At present, Gingrich beats Romney in all three states for the GOP nomination, although only Florida holds its primary early in the nominating calendar. Florida Republicans vote on Jan. 31, after Iowa (Jan. 3), New Hampshire (Jan. 10), and South Carolina (Jan. 21). In Florida, Gingrich beats Romney 35 percent to 22 percent. In Ohio, Gingrich beats him 36 to 18 percent. And in Pennsylvania, the former speaker is up 31-17. No other candidate scores in double digits.

Quinnipiac’s numbers are a reflection of the national trend with Gingrich cementing his front runner status among GOP voters. The latest Gallup national tracking numbers show Gingrich ahead with 36 percent and Romney second with 23 percent. But more important are the numbers in early-nominating states, where success can change the shape of the race overnight.

New Hampshire remains Romney’s only stronghold of the first four states, at 35 percent, though Gingrich is closing in on him with 26 percent, according to CNN/Time. In South Carolina, CNN/Time has Gingrich way ahead of Romney, 43 percent to 20 percent.

Although the polls look like good news for Gingrich, I don’t think the Romney campaign need to push the panic button just yet.  Gingrich’s campaign cannot match the funds or the infrastructure the Romney campaign already has in place. Gingrich is hoping his meteoric rise in the polls will result in a large injection of badly needed cash, enabling him to build the organisational structure and team to deliver a winning national campaign.

I certainly hope Gingrich can overcome all the attacks which are coming his way from within his own party and from the Democrats. I’m not interested in what mistakes someone made 10, 15 or 20 years ago, I want a person elected president who is willing to put the nation’s interests first and foremost, above all else. Yes, Gingrich has made mistakes then again, he has openly admitted them and discussed a vast majority.

Why I would like Gingrich to stay the course is for many reasons. Gingrich possesses a unique vision of how he will make America great again, his 21st Century Contract with America is better and wider ranging than anything, any other candidate including the president can put on the table at present. It is a live working document but yet, we know where he wants to take America and what he stands for. Honestly, after three years in the White House, can you say with any clarity what President Obama stands for with all respect? Anytime, I pose that question to people, it generates more negative and defensive responses than anything else.

Gingrich possesses brilliant communication skills, a steadfastness on key difficult issues which only Romney can almost equal in the GOP field. He has ten ideas and solutions for everybody else’s one, and is passionate about putting America first and foremost in all he will do as president.

The now campaign departed Herman Cain was right about one thing, the 2012 election should be about “We the people,” not decided by the media or political elite. Look at the performance members from both parties are doing in Congress at present. American’s need a president in the White House who can provide leadership, vision, ideas ad solutions for the wholesale problems the nation faces on both domestic and international levels.

I would like to think that the people will not be swayed by politicians and cheap media attacks. I would encourage everyone to give Gingrich a second chance, and if he doesn’t deliver within four years, use the ballot box. However, can American afford four more years of President Obama? My honest answer based on policy is absolutely not. I will restate my view that winning the GOP nomination will prove a harder challenge for Speaker Gingrich then beating President Obama in November 2012. It is just starting to get interesting!

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  1. At today’s Special Report w/Brett Baer, the panel blasted Newt and I heard one say, “He cannot follow thru” What about his contract w/American, balanced budget 4 yrs and welfare reform? He says to get things done, he pressured the House and some may not have liked it. He talks of reforming Wash. and making changes. He says it is going to be a hard job. Mit doesn’t speak of any changes except Obamacare. When I watch the hearings on C-Span, I see so many problems with leadership in DOJ, DOD, DOI, so many problems. Nobody seems to be watching the chickens except the fox. Are these naysayers just the elite or will Newt create more problems than he can solve? I have been for Newt since Oct and given to his campaign. I really don’t see anyone else who can put Obama in his place. It is my opinion, Mit will be too politcally correct with our man in the WH.

    No one seems to respond to my comments, so maybe the bloggers will give me some insight.

    • Hi Diane, some very good points. I like yourself really feel a strong visionary and leader is needed. Thank you for your contribution.

    • Diane, the way I see it, it is quite easy for the media panelists to criticize each and every frontrunner for not being perfect. Howerver it is much hader to be one of the leaders they criticize. Newt has his faults. He is the first to admit that he is an imperfect person. But I find his long record of service and leadership to far surpass his personal and/or public foibles. While I like people Charles Krauthammer, for example, he gets to play Monday morning quarterback and grade the hard decisions that people like Newt have made. And at the same time, Charles is not under the same intense scrutiny as someone like Gingrich. People might have a much different take on his opinions and distinguished high brow air if they were find a picture of him in their daily newspaper where he is wearing is underwear on his head, while holding a bottle of vodka and dancing around his Ivy League frat house 40years ago. But the critics, like Charles are not put through such scrutiny and are not subjected to the distirtions, and twisting of intentions that leaders like Newt are.

      As far as I am concerned, Newt is a reformer and as such, his often revolutionary concepts may be taken out of context, twisted, and distorted, but I am confident that results of his reforms are ultimately intended to deliver conservative based results. Histroy is filled of great individuals who have been riduculed, chastised, imrisoned, and killed for their revolutionary beliefs. Just thinking that the world was round once upset the apple cart.

      The way I say it, we better brace ourselves for the coming treatment of Newt which will probably be best described as a modern day burning at the stake of Newt because of his willingness to dare the popular poitical thinking of both the left and right wings of the establishment.

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