Romney’s Ad Blitz. A Mix of Defense and Offense.

Bookmark and Share   With Newt on the rise, and a seeming inability to get much more than 25% of the vote for himself, Mitt Romney is finally beginning to run a primary campaign for the Republican presidential instead of a general election campaign for President.

The change in strategy is the second time we have seen Romney forced to admit that he has not yet won the nomination.  Two months ago, Mitt change his focus from going after President Obama and switched it to going after Texas Governor Rick Perry.

After skyrocketing to the top of the polls when Perry first entered the race, the Romney campaign thought Perry was a definite threat to them.  So they launched a series of ads attacking Perry.  And when Perry started to plummet in the polls after several devastating debate performances, the Romney camp still thought Perry was a threat and persisted with their attacks on the Texas Governor.  The thinking was that Perry would definitely rebound and again become Romney’s greatest threat.

That scenario seems to have not materialized.  Instead, Newt Gingrich seems to be Romney’s most challenging challenger for the nomination.  So now Romney has aimed his guns at Newt.

But with more money in his campaign treasury than any of his Republican opponents, and voting in Iowa and New Hampshire less than a month a way, Romney is beginning to dominate the air waves with a mix of attacks designed to make Newt look bad, and a series of spots meant to boost Romney’s conservative credentials and leadership ability.

Below are two of the newest radio ads that are running in Iowa and new Hampshire.  They are the positive spots and are both called “Conservative Leader”.  Each are based on the same message but they differ in ways meant to appeal best to the two different state audiences.  The New Hampshire version uses popular New Hampshire’s such as Senator Kelly Ayotte and former Governor John Sununu.  The Iowa ad uses Ann Coulter and the popular Senator from neighboring South Dakota, John  Thune.

Following those radio ads is Mitt’s newest attack on Newt called “With friends Like These”.

This ad essentially attacks Newt for remarks on Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget reform proposal which Newt was initially critical of and then back tracked on.

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All these ads prove one thing.  Mitt is not so sure he is the shoo-in for the Republican presidential nomination that he had been able to assume up to now.  Newt’s surge in the earliest states, particularly his lead in Iowa, South Carolina, and Florida put Romney in a precarious position.  If Newt can win those states, Romney will have a hard time to stay strong and survive untill the primaries move in to states where he is more popular.

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