Is There a Push to Get Jeb Bush to Become a Late Entrant in the Presidential Race?

Bookmark and Share    As an underlying storyline runs about how Republicans are dissatisfied with their choice of presidential candidates, a new telephone poll seems to be trying to taking advantage of that dissatisfaction.

Numerous New Hampshire Republican activists have Facebooked and Tweeted news of a poll that someone commissioned in which one of the questions asked is about whether they would vote for Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, or Jeb Bush in a three way matchup for the Republican presidential nomination.

No one has yet taken credit for commissioning this poll but The Daily Caller reports that a spokesperson for former two term Florida Governor Jeb Bush has denied that he is behind the poll and reiterated that Governor Bush’s will not be a candidate in 2012.

We can speculate about who and what is behind this poll, but the tradition of political mischief making, makes all attempted explanations for it just just that …speculation.

Democrats could be behind this poll for the purpose of trying to perpetuate the perception that even Republicans are dissatisfied with their choices.

It could be someone who is trying to demonstrate that Jeb has enough support to become a succesful late entrant in to the race.

Unfortunately, we may not know who and what is behind this poll until someone comes forward and takes credit for it, or until the results of the poll are released.  By election law, any polling data released to the public or referred to when addressing the public, must be released in full to the media.  What this means is, if we never hear about the results of this poll, someone could be using this data internally, possibly for the purpose of discreetly establishing whether Jeb Bush is someone that the Republican presidential nominee should tap as their running mate.   Coming out with a poll that specifically asks what people think about Jeb as a vice presidential candidate, would be too obvious.    But if a poll  finds that Jeb Bush outpolls, or comes close to either one of the two most likely nominees, than he is probably a good choice for being their running mate and the sponsors of the poll get to find that out without giving away their true intentions.

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  1. When George Bush senior was Vice preident to Reagan. Raegan Almost got killed. When George Bush senior was head of the CIA Kennedy was Killed.Eugene Scott an up front preacher from California commented on Vise president Bush and said to think that this evil man is one heart beat from being president. The Bushes have real close connections with the Rothschilds. When you can weasel in two of your sons in as governors and the other village idiot as president, thats the power of the devil.I warned the public months ago that Jeb Bush is going to be Jockied in to be vise president with the power of the hidden Rothschild connection of senior Bush. And you thought your vote counted. The Rothschilds own the voting Machines. What was that statement the Joe Stalan made. Those who count the votes decide the winner.The establishment is pulling out all the stops to set up Romney the machanical robot as the same old merry go round pupprt of the Rothschil and David Rockefeller mob. G I Joe.

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