New Gingrich Ad Banks on Voters Desire for Positive Campaigns

Bookmark and Share   In his second televised ad, Newt Gingrich continues to try to offer voters a positive campaign as he reiterates his attempt to run for President on solutions and ideas not slander and innuendo.

The strategy is risky and some might say that by not responding in kind to negative attacks on him by all the other candidates, Newt is failing to get ahead of his rivals.  But what Newt is actually doing is giving Americans a chance to put their money with their mouth is.  Poll after poll shows that voters dislike negative campaigns, yet pollsters also find that negative ads work.  They successfully ruin the chances of the candidate who they are aimed at, of getting elected.

So here is Newt.  Here is Newt giving voters the chance to prove that they want politicians to run on the issues, not on the flaws of their opponents.

Now contrast that with Rick Perry’s latest 30 second spot, “Problems/Solutions:

To his credit, Newt Gingrich is not trying to decrease our chances to defeat President Obama next November.  Instead he is trying to prove why he is the candidate to beat President Obama with.  And if Newt does not actually become the nominee, he won’t have to flip-flop on any words that were designed to destroy his rivals.  Instead, he will actually be in a perfect position to unify the Party.

Imagine that, Newt Gingrich being a uniter.  That is quite a surprising turn of events and a sharp contrast between him and the divider-in-chief, Barack Obama.
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2 Responses

  1. You can try to spin the President as “great divider”. The big problem with that is Sen. McConnell pursued his jihad of “No to Everything. In fact Sen. McConnell said “Making Obama A One-Term President Is My Single Most Important Political Goal”. Republican candidates and elected officials have pledged their loyalty to Grover Norquist and his extremist agenda over that of the interests of their entire constituency. I think the title of “great divider” has already been claimed by the GOP.

    • I believe you need to check in with reality, my friend.

      First of all, Mich McConnell and the G.O.P. has not been waging class warfare. They have not been trying to divide America up between big business and the rest of America. They have not been trying to divide America between rich and poor. It is President Obama and liberals such as yourself who have been trying to make the wealth creators the enemies of the people who make their livings off of the wealth creators. It is Democrats who have been calling those who disagree with their Marxist policies as “sons of bitches” and telling them “to go to hell”. It is not Republicans and Mitch McConnell who constructed a 3,000 page bil that took over a third of the American economy and put it in the hands of the federal bureacracy behind a closed door process that shut Republicans out and spent hundreds of millions of dollars in order to bribe fellow members to support.

      The fact that McConnell, to his credit stated that ridding us of Barack Obama was his number one priority is not something that divides America. You will find as we move closer to Election Day of 2012, that is a cause which most Americans will be getting behind. It is a cause that Americans can get behind because it is becoming obvious that Barack Obama is bad for this country and its people. Getting rid of Baqrack Obama is not a dividing factor. In a few months you will learn that it is a unifying goal. A goal that will unite tens of millions of Americans as they all follow Mitch McConnell’s lead and make defeating Barrack Obama their number goal too.

      Getting rid of a problem is not divisisve. Getting rid of the cause of a problem is something people unite behind and the biggest problem facing America is the Divider-in-Chief, Barack Obama.

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