Former Leading Conservative House Leader J. C. Watts Provides Newt with a Boost

Bookmark and Share   As psuedo-conservatives continue to fear the anti-establishment tendencies of Newt Gingrich, one of the claims they try to use against the former Speaker is that many congressional conservatives believe he is incapable of leading.  They say that Newt’s tenure Speaker of the House created chaos and animosity.  What these critics fail to admit is that the same member of Congress who make this claim, have their toes stepped on when Newt was their boss.  Many of theses congressional critics did not get their way because Newt held firm on agenda that he help craft in 1994, an agenda that helped catapult Republicans to control of both Houses of Congress.

Now there is news that J.C. Watts, Jr., a former Republican congressman and Chairman of the House Republican Conference is endorsing Newt Gingrich for president.

Some may ask who cares about what J.C. Watts thinks?

The answer to that is probably more than people than they realize.

Watts was a rising conservative star who term limited himself but during his 4 terms in the House, became a leading conservative on fiscal and socially conservative issues.  Till this day, Watts is touted as a potential candidate for one statewide office or another in his home state of Oklahoma.

That said, endorsements only go so far, but if a candidate uses them properly, they can go a long way in helping to reshape their general image.  In this case, if Gingrich can turn Watts’ endorsement into television and radio commercials, this endorsement can help combat the fictitious image of Newt having been a poor Speaker of the House and legislative leader.

As Chairman of the House Republican Conference, J.C. Watts was an incredibly important part of the House Republican team and he worked much closer with Watts, than he did with many of those who failed to get their way when they served with Newt.

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