A Political Week Like No Other

Bookmark and Share    This first week of the new year is probably one of the most politically important of this entire year. At least for Republicans.

In many ways it will be an unprecedented week of decisions and opportunities. Most of the decisions are likely going to deal more with who can’t become President, than who will become President and the opportunities that will be made available deal with candidates establishing themselves as frontrunners or as the alternative to the frontrunner.

In addition to Iowans making their choice for the Republican presidential nomination known on Tuesday, several days of interpretations of what those results mean will lead in to not one, but two presidential debates………..one on Saturday night and the other on Sunday morning.

The existing dynamics of the week will be unlike that of anything we have seen ever before in a presidential election.

Not only will the results of tonight’s Iowa Caucus have a significant impact on the Republican presidential field, win or lose, each of the candidates will have two highly publicized chances to either redeem or discredit themselves. Despite the lack of prime time placement of both these debates, they will be held in an echo chamber of instant and constant news cycles, that will reverberate far beyond the size of the actual live audiences that view them on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

The possible scenarios coming out of the Iowa Caucus are infinitesimal, but you can rest assured of three basic storylines. One is of a frontrunner playing it safe enough to to assure them of not making a blunder that can steal their thunder. Another is of a significant challenger to the frontrunner trying to land the type of political punches that can allow them to perform better than expected in New Hampshire and the final scenario which is several candidates like Bachmann, Huntsman and at least two others, struggling for relevance and the hope to survive long enough to make a final successful in South Carolina.

So buckle up my fellow Republicans. This is going to be one hell of a week in politics and the Iowa Caucuses are merely going to be the first big climb of many on this rollercoaster ride.

Saturday’s debate will be sponsored by WMUR, the ABC-affiliate in Manchester, New Hampshire. It will be held at 9 p.m. ET on the January 7th, and will be moderated by ABC’s Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos and WMUR anchor Josh McElveen.

Less than 12 hours later, NBC News, Facebook will hold a debate on morning of Sunday, January 8, during a special edition of “Meet the Press”. It will be moderated by host David Gregory, who will be assisted in the questioning of the candidates by reporters from The New Hampshire Union Leader. The debate will air on NBC and MSNBC, and stream live as part of a unique experience on Facebook.

Viewers and users can go to facebook.com/MeetThePress and facebook.com/USPolitics to share questions for the debate and interact with others interested in the event.

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