32 Years Ago Today, Ronald Reagan Showed Us What a Difference a Debate Can Make

Bookmark and Share  Tonight the Republican presidential candidates will be gathering in New Hampshire for a presidential debate and in a matter of hours, they will be having another one on Sunday morning.

Both of the debates may not change the outcome of the New Hampshire primary being held on Tuesday, but they will have effect on it and the momentum that is established will play a role in the  South Carolina primary that follows New Hampshire’s contest.  How much af an effect is the big question.

My opinion is that of all the candidates still running, Newt Gingrich is the candidate skilled enough to maximize these two forums and use them to his advantage in ways that far exceed the others on the stage with him.

But the right opportunity could just prove to be pivotal to any of the participants.

Exactly 32 years ago today, Ronald Reagan literally established himself as a man  to reckon with in  politics when the moderator of another New Hampshire debate tried to silencehim.  When that man asked that his mic be turned off, Reagan turned to him and shouted, “I am paying for this microphone, Mr. Green”.

From that point on, in the minds of voters, Ronald Reagan established himself as fighter who will stand up to anyone and say it like it like it is.  He also established himself as a determined man who will stand up for all that he believes in and who was not afraid to do so.

As seen in the video below, Reagan’s forcefulness received not only a rousing standing ovation of shouts, cheers, and applause, you might also note that the men he was running against, stood behind Reagan and were giving their own energetic round of applause to their opponent.

Such a moment may not come up tonight or tomorrow morning, but you can rest assured that each man on stage tonight will be looking for the just the opportunity to repeat history and follow in Ronald Reagan’s footsteps.

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One Response

  1. You’ll notice Bush Sr wasn’t clapping. This may no longer be inside information but Reagan only agreed to Bush Sr as VP because otherwise Reagan was promised a “blood bath” on the convention floor. I have that on first hand authority from someone now very old!

    Things have not changed. I know by personal experience that the Bush types still loathe the true conservatives. Karl Rove deeply resents them (us).

    It was explained best in Mel Gibson’s “Braveheart” when The Nobles have their discussion about the Scottish rebels. I’ve actually heard incredibly similar words used by establishment Republican leaders. In fact, the similarities are remarkable-the Noble son had the chance to lead his countrymen to true victory in direct refusal to his father’s direction. In the end, he took that chance.

    I prayed everyday that George W would have the same epiphany while in office. He did not.

    They think they need to take care of us because they know more. No one should ever be fooled, Bush and his kind are not friends of Reaganites, Mr Kempite! (:

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